Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Still cold and I am keeping warm and busy!

We are still in a freeze here in The Valley of the Sun. I do mean cold too. Right now many of the outdoor plants that are in pots are either living inside the lanai or in my kitchen. I feel bad for Mr H... he really does take such care of his garden and the weather has taken many of his lovely plants. The little pond is doing okay and the fish seem to be okay. When we lived in Rhode Island he kept a heater in the pond all winter. This is the first time I suggested that they too could come to live in the kitchen for awhile... then I thought, what am I saying! Lucky for me he said no and that they would be fine out there. Whew! As I said, we are staying nice and warm inside. Today we venture out to go and have his stitches removed. He said he can't wait! He? I can't wait! Then we will get back to normal and I won't be re-wrapping the hand everyday. I spent some time organizing my stash... again. I find that I have some magazines and patterns that I have either gently used or will not be using. I guess it is time to cull them out and give them new homes. There are just some you know you are not going to stitch again.  I am thinking of making a list and having a sidebar post for them and then anyone can select and I will send.
But for now....
This is what I started late yesterday. It is another lovely Just Nan Humbug... Winter. I am stitching on a piece of Cashel Blue Dynasty 28 ct. I must remember to get more of this. I love the coloring on it. The Snowflake pin is so pretty and I am using the listed threads. The beads.... they are so sparkly.
I never made it to the Post Office yesterday.... so today my RAK will be off. Just too lazy with this cold weather. How spoiled we have become! I have some sewing finishing to do... just not decided on which direction I am going with them. Geez, I am never this undecided. I know, it is this weather that is confusing me.
I am sending good thoughts, hugs and get well wishes to all of you who are not feeling so well. So far so good here in the Horton House! I don't know how I am staying healthy with all those who visit Jo Ann's coughing and visibly not well! Kids coughing all over the counters! We spend lots of time sanitizing our hands, hence mine are so dry! We can not use hand lotion while we work.... might get on the fabrics! So I thank you for covering your mouth and sneezing into your elbow and wiping your nose with tissues then sanitizing your hands.  it is nice to have a cup of tea with you and chat...hope you have a wonderful day.


Vickie said...

LOVE that snowflake pin!! Gorgeous. Just Nan is great. Keep warm!

Carolyn said...

Glad your husbands stitches are coming out. It sounds like he is healing fast.

I have the humbug pattern along with the other three. I was thinking about doing one this year.

I love your fabric choice. You have a great start.

Nothing more irritating then seeing those around you not covering up. You would expect it from children but adults are another thing.

I hope you continue to stay healthy. This flu season has been awful.

cucki said...

Sweet stitching..and very sweet pin...
Lots of love for you x

SoCal Debbie said...

Your new start looks beautiful! The snowflake pin is very pretty!

Silverlotus said...

I hope you are staying warm. We went from spring-like temperatures over the weekend back to colder by still warmer than usual temperatures. Thankfully, I don't have any plants or fish to worry about.

I hope Mr. H's stitches come out soon. It sounds like you are both very ready to get back to normal.

Teresa said...

Can't wait to see more of the Just Nan.
I am afraid all your cold weather came from our way here in California. It is still cold here so I am sure we have more to send you.
I guess both of us will be buying new plants this spring. Don't remember it being this cold.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Annette-California said...

Love the pretty colored linen your stitching on Grace. Beautiful snowflake pin and lovely new start:)
I too am not use to this cold temps. Tends to go right to the bones, hot tea helps:))) love Annette
ps I haven't been to Joann's since before Christmas, due to my cold. I want to wait till I'm fully well.

Julie said...

Great news it's time for the sticks to come out, that time certainly did fly by since the operation. Pretty new start.

Kaisievic said...

At least you have made a good start.

Anthea said...

Hi Gracie, great news about mrH progress, and yes doing the dressings every day would be tedious!
I just discovered humbugs in one of my cross stitch magazines, so I am planning to make one for Christmas. x