Sunday, September 9, 2012

A lazy Sunday with some stitching

I am enjoying a lazy Sunday. The football games are on... our team NE Patriots won! I know, I live in Arizona but I am still and have been for years a Patriot fan.
I am stitching but there will be no pictures for a while because it is for a Christmas exchange. I am privileged to be part of Secret Santa Christmas Exchange for the 2ND year. So I am getting busy with my gifts. I keep popping overt to my secret partner to try to get to know her. Thank you all for the wonderful comments/emails! My Lady is still getting stitches... but I must confess to having abandoned poor Iris! I must work on it this week. Welcome to some new friends...I have visited your blogs as well. It is so nice to find new places to stop by.
Well, tea is waiting... and I have to prepare the artichokes for Mr H to cook and then grill. I love the grilled artichokes at Cheesecake Factory. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello. Hope your day is wonderful.


Woman Seeking Center said...

Hi Gracie!

An easy going Sunday sounds lovely...
(and well deserved)!

Curious it is that at times stitching - or any other project - needs setting aside by choice isn't it? It used to vex me terribly when I'd feel the need for a respite from something I was engrossed in and loved doing - no matter what the project. Now it strikes me more as my muse/mind/heart requesting time to creatively renew or ponder.

We'll look forward to seeing progress when(ever) your muse whispers 'now'...


Michele said...

Hello Gracie, I'm glad you had a nice Sunday. I too had a nice stitchy kinda day full of football in the air. LOL

cucki said...

hello dear i am so glad that you had a nice day..
sending you love xxx

Vickie said...

Thanks Gracie. My Sunday was wonderful. Now you have a wonderful Monday!