Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dragon Eye and beads

First I must show you the beautiful beads that I won from Melanie at Moonraker Lampwerks. If you have not visited or bought any of her one of a kind beads, you really need to visit with her.
I know it is not the most creative display---but I wanted nothing to distract from the lovely beads. Melanie even include these for me because of my new grand baby---
She also sent the fob cords.How lucky was I to win this!
The Dragon Eye is like a kaleidoscope....when you look through it you get the multiple images. You can rotate it to change the image appearance.....

This one has inlaid wood and is about 2 inches in length. The diameter is about 1 1/2 inches. I have used it when quilting to see the effects of the fabrics together and just to enjoy nature. I was shown how to line it up to my camera to take a picture from a lady in Jerome AZ.
Well I finally put back my play list, but it does not seem to automatically start...Do you hear it when you visit? I would really like to know.Blog bugs!!!!
I stitched early today. Not as much still as I would like. But you can see it at my other place. I am so glad you could visit with me today. Thank you for the comments and emails.....have a wonderful day. I have work today. We are getting ready for inventory.


Nancy said...

Nope not playing! Blogger has been a little off today.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Those are so cool.

Chrizette said...

Oh wow, lucky you! Love the little baby bead :)

Mouse said...

aww they are sooo cute .. love the little ghost , the duck and the frog (having had a frog visit me all day today !!!) well done on the win :) and just love that dragons eye piece :) love mouse xxx

Melanie said...

:) :) :)