Thursday, June 16, 2011

Palm Tree trimming

Every year around this date, our palm trees get their trim. In our courtyard there are 9...and the tallest is around 50 feet and is about 30 years old.
These 4 are right in front of my can see the seeded frons--they are the white branches

Can you find Miguel? He is 44 years old and has been doing this sometimes dangerous job since he was aboout 20. According to the man who I talked with, Miguel has been known to trim 100 tress in a day. Unheard of and he is considered the best around. I would say so.

It is not an easy job scaling the tall bending trees. Men have died doing this job. Miguel is very safety conscience and makes it look so easy.
Four done and 5 to go-----
His son says he will not climb the trees......just clean up after dad.
Off today with dear Ziz to Mesa to The Attic for needed desired supplies. I do not have a stitch update...maybe later as we will be back early. But I will leave you with this picture....can you guess what it is and how it was done?
As always I wish you a wonderful day. Thank you for visiting and to those who have entered my give away. Drawing on June 26th.


valerie said...

Wow, Miguel is crazy! I can't imagine doing that but that's great that he does a good job and is well regarded.

geeky Heather said...
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geeky Heather said...

WOW on the palm trimming! Good thing there are people like Miguel who can do it, because if it were up to me there would be no trimmed trees!

That picture is definitely of African violets...mine just bloomed so they look familiar! Actually it looks like just one shot through a teleidoscope...but maybe you have some magic software that does it??

Teresa said...

Someone had to trim the palms, glad it is not me.
I haven't a clue what the picture is.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Mouse said...

cooo am glad its not me that does that job .. and lovely African violets... what program did you do that on ??? love mouse xxxx

Jacob Daniel Ramirez said...

I climb palm trees that are about 40 years and they are tall I climb them step by step I their them with a special knife I don't use chain saw

Jacob Daniel Ramirez said...

This ain't nothing I can finish one of these in less than 5 minutes