Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Really? Almost a week~~~~~

We all say it, where is time going. This week has seemed to float right out of my home and into oblivion. I know it has been relaxing, and Mr H and I have been here and there. Today I think will be a stay at home day. The stitching continues to be slow until I get my new eye-wear. The eye drops are helping. If it is not one thing it is right hand is swelling again. and The pain is returning. But, on a brighter side of things, yes I say brighter..... yesterday morning I decided to sit out in the yard with my stitching. It is a simple piece, an angel, when all of a sudden, a hummingbird whizzed my my face and returned to check out my sewing box. I think the lovely red fabric caught his eye. Of course my camera was not outside with me! Later, Mr H and I enjoyed a drive and lunch out in Scottsdale. I love being able to bring flowers from the garden inside...
Mr H trimmed the Sweet Memory bush and  i thought I would try to put a few sprigs in water. Never have taken any in before. The look like they will last a few days anyway.
They remind me of the Lilacs I used to have back East. For as long as they last, I certainly am enjoying seeing them. I received a lovely card from Lynda Ruth in Canada. She kindly include 2 seed packets; one for Poppies and the other for Forget-Me-Nots. Mr H  took charge of them and has planted them. Hope they sprout and grow. Speaking of is the last call for anyone who wants to join the June Card Exchange. I will email participant names on Monday. If you have joined us before, just let me know to add your name, if not, please email me your mailing info. have only a few days left. Guess it is about time for that second cup of coffee and maybe some toast. As always it is so nice to visit here with you. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship. Have a wonderful day.


Catsngrams said...

Hope your hand gets better soon. Lovely pictures. I know what you mean where does the time go? Oh well at my age all I have is time.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I agree Grace, time is flies by so quickly. Your visit from the hummingbird sounds lovely - they are magical little birds.

butterfly said...

Lovely bush what beautiful flowers. I wonder if we could grow it here ?

Sorry about the pain in your hand hope it goes away soon.

I think I did ask you to put my name down for June cards .
Have a great week , and yes I know this year is going far to fast for me.

shirley flavell said...

I agree, time is flying by too fast. I think I say that each year. Love your photo of the flowers on your lovely white doily. Take care. Hugs Shirley N.Z.

Julie said...

This year is certainly passing by very quickly.
I'm saddened to read your hand is paining you again, hope it soon eases.
Beautiful blooms on your table

Brigitte said...

Such a wonderful bush in your garden. We have lilacs in the garden, three different colours and they are in full bloom right now.
I loved to read the story about the little hummingbird flying by and being curious about your sewing stuff :)

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Wow what a lovely vase filled with gorgeous sprigs from your bush. STUNNING!
:) Hope those seeds sprout!