Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Love the mail delivery

Our Card exchange is still on going...all through the year plans. If you want to join us, just email me your mailing info, or if you have been sending already, just  let me now to add you to the May list, by April 18th. It is so nice to receive cards just because.
My Mail on Monday brought me...
At Christmas time my sis Lynowl sent me a gift certificate from 123 Stitch. It is a quick mailing site that allows you to keep a wish list that can be accessed by you and friends simply with your email address. Anyway, these are the 2 projects: Just Nan's Feathers and Flowers biscornu and Mani di Donna Petal Pincushion....not ready to start them yet, but I have opened them a few times! I really must update my wish list there.
I managed some stitching, not much, on Red Riding Hood while sitting outside ..
it looks neat in the dappled light. I really should have accomplished more but it is so easy to get distracted sitting outside under the Sweet Memory tree and umbrella...the Hummingbird keeps fluttering about and the flowers look so pretty...Mr H frequently getting up to adjust one plant or another.
The lovely purple flowers are on the Sweet Memory tree. It is difficult to see the tiny blooms from sitting beneath them in the picture, but is is pretty. There will be not sitting outside today as we have a doctor appointment for Mr H. Originally when I called for an appointment they said in mid May...that will not do as there is a problem now that should not wait. So just a short time ago the PA called to say she would see him today. Got to be pushy at times and once I relayed the issue and weekend visit to the ER, she agreed that waiting until May was out of the question. Glad you stopped by today...thank you fro the kind words which always make my day. Have a great day. I would like to leave you with a sweet picture of my great-niece Natalia Rose....first Easter Bunny picture


Mdm Samm said...

such lovely treats and such a sweet bunny photo to boot

Annette-California said...

Pretty new charts. I hope all goes well for Mr. H. at his appt or did I read correctly ER?!
Love Red Riding Hood!
love Annette

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thank you for putting the card exchange at the top where I can't miss it! I'm definitely in.

It is nice to stitch outside. It has only just got warm enough to stitch in my conservatory so once the boys go back to school I will be in there most afternoons.