Saturday, April 11, 2015

Welcome Saturday

It is an absolutely beautiful morning. Sun is shining, light breeze and comfortable temperature. I must get my stitchy stuff and go outside. I have felt a little stressed this week so I really did not do much stitching. Today, I decided to complete my Teneriffe pincushion...I made to the top March 20 something...
I am really pleased with it. I found just the perfect backing fabric in my stash and instead of having the bottom the same size circle as the top, I made it an inch smaller so the top would fall lower. I had the same variegated thread left over so I made the cording to cover the seam and a foo foo top design. All in all I am happy with it. I need to get to the one and only bead store around here today or by early next week to get a cabochon bead for an upcoming class. I could send to an online bead store, but I would rather see it to select it. It is so annoying that we have to resort to online buying for so many craft items. I am feeling rather scattered...I have several "things" I want to do but can not seem to settle down to chose one and do it. I think you may know what I eyes are too much for my time! I think I will gather up Red and make a cup of coffee and settle outside to relax. I will stitch if I do not get too distracted. I think I should go to the market first...then I can sit outside. Thank you for the kind words and for visiting with me....have a great day.


Ninetta said...

It's lovely!

Stitching Happy said...

Hello Gracie

Your pincushion is beautiful - it looks very complicated!
I would also like to go to a proper needlework shop but there aren't any near me. Online it has to be.
I'm envious of your lovely weather - just rain and more rain in North East England.
Enjoy your stitching x

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I just love your pincushion - you do such varied work Grace.

Julie said...

There is always something wonderful you have created when I visit here...this is gorgeous and so different.