Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A late start today

Just a short post today. I got a late start to my day, I did not wake until 4:30 AM so I lost a few hours there. Then made the mistake of tuning in to an old movie that I always watch, Waterloo Bridge.... then on to getting the recycle stuff out as Mr H forgot again! The first laundry is in...and I need another cup of coffee this time with toast. Stitching? well I hope to find the time today. We are having a chilly start today, only 57 and breezy, the chimes are singing....
I have mention my dearest back East friend Lu a few times. I got a slap on the wrist of sorts yesterday from her! She follows my blog and well was not happy that there is where she found out the Mr H has not been feeling well. Promptly I sent her back and email with all the details! We are forever sidekicks.... a term we use to describe ourselves. We sat side-by-side when we worked together for some years....we are sisters in our souls. So Lu, if you are reading this, I promise to email you first!. Well, friends, that is about it for today. Glad you stopped by and thank you for your kind words....have a good day.
The new plant in the garden.. Canna Lily but do not know the excat name of this one, but it sure is a bright spot in the garden.


barbara woods said...

nice to meet you, it was a little warmer here in Ga. 65 this morning which means storms soon

butterfly said...

What a lovely flower I love Canna's but ours won't be out untill mid summer , have a lovely day.

Vickie said...

That lily is so bright and cheerful. My perennials are poking out of the soil now.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

a late start indeed! ;) ha!
Lu sounds like a very wonderful friend and sidekick!
Hope your day went about great!

shirley flavell said...

O4.30 is still in the middle of the night Gracie, 'tis for me anyway.Hope your day turned out well. Lovely bright and fresh looking canna lily. Hugs Shirley

Julie said...

I've enjoyed a lovely catch up read after getting behind with blog reading.
Such a pretty design you stitched for the blog hop. Hope Mr H was able to get sorted at the Dr appointment.
Love the new charts and your new books, will be exciting to see what you whip up from those.
Best wishes x

Stitching Happy said...


Just found you.
Your stitching is beautiful and so is the Canna Lily.
Wishing you a good weeknd x