Saturday, November 5, 2011

What is going on ?

What is with this weather? It is not January yet but the temps feel like it! Can it be! Last evening we had strong winds and pouring rain and very cool temps. When I want need a blanket, it must be chilly. Today the sun is bright but the winds are still here and so is the chilly air. This weekend is suppose to be in the high 60's... now really.

I shave not been stitching, well not very much. It seems I have a melt down. I guess because of late all the stitching has been either sitting in a hospital room, or in a doctor's office that I feel I need a break. I did start this....
It is  LHN Lavender's Blue. I am stitching on 28ct something from the linen draw and using the DMC threads as listed. When I was a young girl.... I loved the song and it I just had to stitch it now. I am still in the finishing of some Christmas stuff.... and so want to start one of the creative dolls. I just need a mental push.
I am off to work today...we were so busy again yesterday...good sales and lots of ladies with sewing projects out there.  Having a 25% off entire purchase coupon also pushed the sales a bit. I hope to be more productive this coming week....thank you for stopping by and have a great day.
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Blu Stitcher said...

I have really fallen in love with LHN. I hope to stitch a few of their patterns next year.

The winds were crazy here yesterday and last night as well. This morning we woke up to 4 extra trash cans in our yard.

Thank You so much for mentioning my give away. I only have 3 entered so far. LOL.

Mindi said...

It got cold here last night, there was snow, rain, and sleet all night long. Nice start on the LHN project.

Rowyn said...

I can't wait to see progress on Lavendar's Blue. It's a lovely design, but I've never seen it stitched anywhere in blogland.

Have a lovely weekend!

CalamityJr said...

You know what McD's used to say - "you deserve a break today"! You'll be back at it when your fingers and mind are ready, I'm sure. Just take good care of yourself and Mr H!

Mouse said...

oooo very pretty .. *singing lavender blue dilly dilly :) and so glad to hear your work is doing well with lots of peeps sewing out there :)
its been grey and miserable here today too .. love mouse xxxx

Brigitte said...

Here it's just the other way round, we are haing temperatures like in September, and it's sunny and a bit windy, just the way I like it.
Your started a very nice new project. LHN is always good for a great change.