Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mixed thoughts day

Crazy title for a post? Well first let me tell you that on Friday night my co-worker's husband was killed in a motorcycle accident on his way home from work.  He was 41 years old. She is a young lady who always smiles and is cheerful. Someone I do enjoy working with. They have 5 boys from 18 years old to 7 months. Such a sadness.
Next on my list is that I have several projects in the works and feel like it is forever to get them completed. Don't get me wrong, 2 of them are only in need of finally being constructed into something. Just need a push to do it. Then there is my tatting.... just finished another ornament. This is the beaded tree shape . Now I have a multi colored, a red and a gold. I next will do an all green one. Spoke with my tatting guru Debra yesterday and we are having a Tat and Chat meet next Saturday. It was nice to not hear  her say a lesson! I guess I have progress in her mind enough to just spend friendship time. Next to make plans to sit and stitch with Jeanne next week. I am beginning to need a calendar to keep track of my new social schedule.

The post brought my thread order. These will be used in the Witch Doll. I bought extra just in case.... you never know. It is used in the rest of the Dolls so I want to be prepared.
At some point I want to stitch all of them.... 3 ladies and 3 witches.
 Then there is this project...
The prints are from the Moda Southwest collection for another quilted bag. It took forever for me to layout the 22 squares. I kept changing my mind and then asked Mr H for an opion and he put back one of the squares that I had just moved to where I had it in the first place. WE do think alike.... most of the time. So since this is in the way on the floor of the sewing room, I probably should get it stitched together before I try to rearrange it again.

On to the weather.... it is just feeling too hot to do anything out of the house. Mr H and drove 4 miles to the nursery yesterday...the half hour out of the car and we were wet to the skin. The humidity is what is the problem... the monsoons bring it.
There are lovely grey clouds in the sky.... if only they would bring some rain.
I finally made it to the post office yesterday....mail out to Rhode Island----Cranston, Johnston and West Warwick and to San Fransisco. The clerks always remark on my package destinations.
So you see, my mind is everywhere today. The one thing that I feel is happy to have Mr H and also my friends. Without all of you near and far, it would not be a nice world for me. I am a very lucky lady indeed. I enjoy our visits here and at your place.... I love your kind words and emails and will try to be better at leaving them for you also. Whatever your plans today, have a great day.


Pam in IL said...

Such a sad thing for your co-worker and her family to go through. I'll say a prayer for them.

Annette-California said...

So sorry for your co-worker - prayers for her and her family. Your arrangement of squares looks very beautiful. Looking forward to seeing how your bag will turn out. Don't worry if you don't do much during the heat/humidity spell. Been there and experienced it. Just keep sipping something with ice and think Christmas SNOW:))) love Annette

Ann at Beadlework. said...

It seems to be hot everywhere at the moment, it's lovely in some ways but it's verging on being too hot to craft.
I love your bookmark from a previous post - it is so finely made, very clever work.
Life is so tough and hard to understand at times when something so tragic happens - raising all these boys alone will not be easy.

meggie said...

Hello Gracie

How sad for your co-worker and her family.
I think sometimes it's just too hot to do anything.
Have a good week (:

Cardygirl said...

Your head is buzzing with so many things at present...maybe you just need rain to help you settle! Love the idea of tat and chat!

Shelly said...

Gracie, you're lucky that that's the only thing the postal clerks comment on! Me, I'm constantly told that my packages are wrapped wrong, or that's the wrong postage on it, yadda yadda! So sorry about your co-worker losing her husband. There's been so much death lately: young people losing spouses, people losing sons, brothers-gosh. Nothing is guaranteed in this life. We do know this though..Monday is arriving real quick!

Vickie said...

I am so sorry to hear that Gracie. How very, very sad for those 5 boys losing their daddy and she her husband. I have prayed for them.
Hope you and Mr. H find something relaxing for this evening.

Julie said...

So sad to read of your co-workers loss. My heart goes out to this young family.(((big hugs))) for you

Simply Victoria said...

Wow, I can understand your mixed thoughts day. Sorry to hear of the co-workers loss very sad indeed.

cucki said...

So sad to hear of your co worker loss..
They are in my prayers..
Love and hugs x

Shirlee said...

Your co-worker & her family are in my prayers.

butterfly said...

So sad to hear about your co-worker, My mind is also every where at the moment , just had a new GGS and when we left from the visit there was a very bad car crash with two nurses in each car it is still playing on my mind.
Such happiness and such sadness. Hugs.

thegreytail said...

oh dear, sending all my hugs to your co-worker's family. it's such a terrible terrible thing.
wishing you the best,
(of course I can't wait to see what all those WDWs will turn into)