Saturday, April 5, 2014

What a difference a day makes

Thank you all for the feel better wishes...they worked! Well, I did change my over the counter pills and they sure are working. The best is that I have 5 days off and I plan to feel much better by the time I go back to will be a busy sale weekend. So much to we are having a HOA social in our courtyard for a lady who has moved, I must get to Hobby Lobby for some 18 count linen
(Jo Ann's is out), I should check up on my friend Ziz who is knitting a scarf that I am sure she is doing okay with, and if I do not get to the Post Office today then it will must be Monday. Whew! I think I will be busy this weekend.  Sunday is my meet up with The Debra for tatting..... can't wait to finish the Thistle motif. I am itching to start a new bracelet... I seem to have lots of this and that beads...I must be able to use them somehow. Right now I really should make an attempt at least to do something around the house.....
I welcome a new friend Sally... and say thank you to all of you for the helpful good wishes... they really do work you know! Have a good day....
This Harris Hawk landed a short distance from our home recently. They have a 3 1/2 foot wing span and are quite a sight as they soar over head. This fellow had a friend with him as they do like to hunt together.


sally said...

Hello Gracie

I'm glad your new tablets are making you feel better and despite your busy weekend I hope you enjoy your days off.
That Hawk is very impressive! We never see anything like that here!
I look forward to seeing your thistle tatting.
Bye for now.

cucki said...

Hello sweetie glad you are feeling better...
Enjoy your day and that hawk is so pretty looking..
Big hugs x

blue star stitcher said...

Glad your feeling better! We have hawks and owls near our house, and I always worry about our little bunny when we let him in the yard (though he's almost too fat to pick up).

Brigitte said...

Good to read that you are feeling a bit better today. And hopefully you will be completely ok after your 5 days off. Enjoy your days.

Jacquie Morris said...

Pleased to read you are feeling better :)
Great you have a few days off now too, relax and take things easy :)
And WOW!! your photo of the hawk is awesome.
Have a lovely Sunday with your friend..
Sending smiles to you :) x

Barb said...

Hi Gracie, I love reading your blog and hope you are feeling better. I must apologize in case I comment with some thing weird (I find it very hard to read that font). I love that flower too. It's just so cheerful!!!!!
Hope you feel better soon.
Barb :)

Julie said...

Good news your are feeling much brighter.
Enjoy your time with Debra.
Great hawk pic, WOW!