Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Tuesday

For Today
Outside my window
Still dark and quiet out there
I am thinking
What shall I do today...rest and stitch!
I am thankful for
Not breaking anything when I fell on Sunday
From the kitchen
I would like some toast and coffee
I am wearing
Yellow pj's
Around the house
Very very still and quiet
I am remembering
Must call mom to thank her for the package of goodies
I am hearing
The sounds of Sinatra singing as I type
From my camera's eye

The Tree Mallow has started to bloom
I am hoping
You have a wonderful day


Emily said...

Have a great day Grace!! I'm going to Disney World!! Epcot to be specific!! Hubby's treating me to a day away!! I think I need a vacation from my life for a few hours!!

I hope you're feeling better from your tumble the other day!!


Patty C. said...

Your Tree Mallow is just gorgeous !!!