Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunshine on my Shoulder....makes me happy

What a lovely sunny day...seems like the rain and clouds have moved on. I did relax a bit yesterday....had one of our long chats with my sis on the phone....and of course stitched. I really must say a BIG thank you to those who took the time to check on me and wish me well...wonderful to have caring friends. The aches are better today...I think I will spend some time in the yard cleaning up after the winds we had....a mess out there. The birds are calling for food...the little pond we have is floating with debris...so, if you would like to see what more is on Bella.....follow me to my other place ....


Susan said...

Glad you have sun today - I have clouds but with a promise of sun later today.
Glad you are better from your fall - tile floors are much harder than sand!

Happy Stitching!

Karen said...

OOPS! sorry to hear you fell over your doggy. We love them so dearly but they will follow us every where and get under our feet. Good excuse to sit and stitch.