Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finally---some quiet time or not

Today is Tuesday. What does that mean? It is landscaper morning. You guessed it....no coffee out on the front glider.....very noisy people puttering around the courtyard. I could not hear myself thin let alone try to post! i did however get in my short walk. I try to go out each day and take a quick walk around the condo area. Some days I do walk a bit longer in a larger circled area. Well, this morning as I rounded the corner and looked up just outside Ziz's place
just look at this beautiful sunflower! It is one of many that look over the 6 foot wall....this one is about 7 feet tall! I could not resist taking a picture against the bright blue sky. You know I want some of these seeds to plant. Just when I thought it was going to be quiet I hear them again....guess it was their coffee break.
I did get some stitching done on my challenge piece but since I am replacing what Fred ate I am not posting just yet. Maybe tomorrow....until then.....thank you for chatting and for the kind words you leave. Have a great day.
Coming soon...my give away ....be sure to return!


Tricia said...

What a beautiful flower! I hope Fred behaves and lets you stitch in peace today!

Mouse said...

oooo wonderful colouring on the sun flower :) hope fred behaves and will catch up with your progress soon :) love mouse xxxx

Nancy said...

Beautiful sunflower!! Happy stitching!