Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fabric and a frame

I foou8nd some fabric to use on 2 of my challenge projects.
NO NO not together.....I had the assistance of a few ladies from the fabric counter at Jo Ann's. I put down the stitched pieces and we selected....I hope to work on them this weekend.
Look at this sweet frame for my grandson's first picture...
Of course I had to have it to put Devin's picture in. Am I getting too too boring with this???? His picture fits just right don't you think? Isn't he adorable? Okay...enough of my being the boring grandma.
I have finished stitching the other side of the fob....if you would like to stop looking at Devin, you can go to my other place
and have a look. I will be off to work today...but I hope your day is fun...thank you for visiting with me.


Mouse said...

that frame is just perfect :) love mouse xxxx

CalamityJr said...

You'll never be boring, Grandma!

Nancy said...

Perfect frame and perfect picture! Not boring at all, just being a proud grandma!