Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mid-week and some reading

For some reason I really like my Wednesdays... maybe because it is the middle of the week and a day off from work, maybe it is just because. Today is starting off very cool but the expected temp is back to 90. One of these days we will begin our Fall/Winter season. The weather is predicting another East Coast storm... and I will keep good thoughts for my family and friends in the path.
Yesterday was a good mail day. I received a package from June of Butterfly Wings. She had chosen me to be one of her recipients of a Christmas ornament  So, you will have to wait until Christmas for a picture. Well, it isn't Christmas yet even if the stores are already past Autumn and into the Christmas decorations! I have been stitching a biscornu that I just had to add to my basket. I am getting the Christmas Spiders ready and the Reindeer food too. You can check out my last post for info on these. I am in a reading mood and half way through The Forgotten Garden. I may finish it today. There just might not be stitching in my hours today....
So glad you found some time to visit. Thank you for the emails and kind comments my friends. Have a wonderful day.


Nicola said...

Not another storm!!

Nature can be so wonderful yet so destructive.

June's stitching and finishing is amazing so your gift will be very special.

cucki said...

oh dear..not another storm..oi am thinking of you all so much..
i am sure your gift from june will be so lovely..
happy reading xxx

butterfly said...

So happy Mr Postman got to you at last I thought it may have got lost in the storm post , hope you enjoy your gift.
Hope you don't get another storm my friend said there was one on it's way, I do hope it won't be a big one.

Patty C. said...

Congrats on receiving a lovely gift :)

Angela said...

Can't wait to see which ornament you got from June.....mine is lovely :)

I just finished re-reading The Forgotten Garden with my Book Club last month. I really enjoyed it the first time but not as much the second time.

I struggle to find the balance between reading and stitching :)