Monday, July 4, 2011

My flag and Papa's smoking stand

Happy 4th of July

I do hope everyone is having a good holiday. Mr H and I are still indoors staying out of the hot hot air. Especially with the a/c working properly!
I am so pleased with Mr H......he has been working on refinishing my Papa Piccirilli's (dad's dad) smoking stand. When Papa died in May of 1969, I asked for and got his smoking stand. I have such wonderful memories of this small piece of furniture. Through the years of my having it (since 1970) it has had some rough times.  I mentioned that I wished it had not been painted and Mr H slowly striped and stained and now it is back!
It is not very big, but to me it is gigantic. The door opens to a small compartment. You can see the depression where his ashtray sat and to the center back a small hole which held the pipe rack. Those items I never got. Papa had several pipes to choose from and he kept his matches and tobacco in the compartment. I can still smell the aroma of his tobacco. If you do the math, I have it now for 41 years and it was in his house since before I was born and I am 64...very old...not me the stand! Papa was not allowed to smoke in the house not matter what the New England weather. He quietly sat on the front porch. He was the sweetest man alive. Memories~~~~~~~~~~
I want to thank those of you who had suggestions for my baby shower .....CalamityJr who wants to "attend" and suggests a party complete with opening gifts before sending them on and Nancy who suggests calling it a Grandma's shower. Not bad ideas........I will keep you posted on this.
Well, now, did I mention that the biscornu is finished? it is indeed....small but nevertheless it is finally completed. Would you like to see it......then let's go to my other place and take a look.
I am so pleased to have you visit with me. Thank you for your caring friendship.


CalamityJr said...

I have my great grandmother's oak parlor table, so I know how much Papa's smoking stand means to you. Enjoy your 4th and your memories!

Nancy said...

What a special memory piece for you! I love the smell of pipe tobacco, one of my uncles smoked a pipe. So glad this stand gives you such sweet memories!

Silverlotus said...

How nice to have a piece of furniture that carries so many memories. I have a tall chest of drawers that belonged to my grandmother. It isn't too old, maybe 30 years, but it means a lot to me since it was her's.