Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday news

Started the day with a doctor appointment for my right hip. Will be going for an MRI...
On a more pleasant note, I love the latest project that I have not been able to show you! I will be stitching this again soon...maybe with a variation. So pretty when finished. I joined the BBD Exchange group. It is now being monitored by Lisa V. I was a participant in the Seasonal Exchange group which Lisa  moderated and enjoyed it very much. Lisa has just taken on the leadership for this group from Patti. I will be getting my BBD project ready today! I love starting new projects!
I finished ready No Easy Day and I will say that I enjoyed it very much. I feel that it is not written to glorify but to give a glimpse into what the SEALS do and did with the Bin Laden mission. It is a quick read. My Lady is coming tomorrow as her dress is almost complete now. Well, complete as in the directions. Still thinking  re-thinking my finish idea.
I need a cup of tea to settle my slightly upset stomach. Then off to run some errands. Mr H and I had a relaxing day yesterday... so today is get out and get things done. I will probably remain on a 4 day work week for a while... so it will cramp my stitch time. Funny how quickly we get spoiled and we know that I am spoiled! So glad you had some time to visit today. Welcome new friends glad to see you. Enjoy your day!


Vickie said...

Your right hip, my left hip!! I am still waiting for the MRI to take place. My doctor's office said it takes a minimum of two weeks to be set up?!? I am interested to see how long yours takes. I had one done over 7 years ago and it took two days to get it done. Things have changed that much?!

cucki said...

Oh dear I hope you feel better soon..
Big hugs for you deary xxx

Kaisievic said...

I hope that your hip gets better soon, Grace, and that you get some stitching time today amongst all of your errands.

Jules said...

Hope you feel better soon and your MRI comes out alright!


Fiore said...

Sorry for your right hip, Gracie. Sorry again I can't undestand what a MRI is, because there's no acronym on the dictionary. Is it a sort of a surgery?
Hugs, hugs, hugs, dearie.