Friday, March 8, 2013

What the Postman delivered

I finished my March page for the Needlework Master's SAL group...
I tried to Tat an egg shape...not too bad. This of course is Needle Tatting and I added a butterfly and a cute flower brad. The Cross stitch Bunny you may remember is/was a traveling pattern sent to me from Lee. It is Bent Creek Littles, The Bunny. I have lost track of it since I sent it off to Anne Bernstein. On Tuesday just as I was leaving for work...which is the usual mail delivery time, this is what arrived....#1

 From Nicola who sent a wonderful book with a DVD on Shuttle Tatting and a lovely book for Net Embroidery. Now I have watched a few videos on line that were okay, but they were not by people who wrote a great descriptive book. So far as you can see, I have been able to use the shuttle for the simple tasks. Look closely  at the red picture and you can see some improvement! As for the other book.... just look at the intricate embroidery.... maybe I will try that too.

The #2 delivery ... was from my sis Lynowl. She is always looking to add to my thimble collection.
This is another Kirks Folly... a shamrock on one side and the clover on the other. Always with Swavorski Crystals for extra special sparkle.  It now sits on the top ledge of the thimble cabinet... I only have 9 empty cubby holes left.
It was a good Tuesday mail day! Taxes have finally been e-filed... still trying to find the book that I downloaded to my tablet.... and started another bracelet on the beading loom. I must really say thank you for all the kind words of encouragement on my tatting....also for getting are all so wonderful. I welcome a few new followers..... I enjoy meeting you and visiting your blogs.  I am now going to pick up the file box that fell off the computer desk and re-file the 300 or so index cards that are now all over the floor. If it was put where it belonged.... well you know. Too late for that now. Another cup of coffee and a scone sounds like a good idea...then I will fix the files. Whatever your day holds for you, I hope it is relaxing and fun. Hugs to all of you from me!


Vickie said...

Oh dear! Well, after things are cleaned up I hope you have an excellent day.

cucki said...

have a lovely day deary..
bunny is so cute x

Kaisievic said...

Good luck with those index cards - how annoying for you. I collect thimbles, too - you new one is very nice.

The Little Bunny is with me and I am about to send it on to Chiara - a great little stitch, I had so much fun with it that I stitched it four times!

hugs, Kaye

Kathy Ellen said...

Congratulations upon tatting your very first piece... a lovely egg. How kind of Nicola to send you that wonderful book and DVD. My grandmother loved to do tatting, but unfortunately never taught me to do it.

Your thimble collection is incredible, and the Kirks Folly thimble is so cute!

Blessings for a wonderful and peaceful weekend.

busyhands said...

Wonderful! A good postie day... Enjoy your goodies
Well done with tatting, the egg looks lovely

Heather said...

Love the Easer Egg and bunny, they look great! Happy reshuffling the index cards!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Beautiful tatting, not something I've ever tried. Is it like lace making? Something else I've never tried!
My mum also collects thimbles but in a small way, not as many as you have!

Julie said...

Stuning March page, the tatting is so beautful.