Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finally there is the face~~~

I am grumbling this morning--- I am going to work! Yes, after 2 weeks off, I will be back at the fabric counter....ho hum. It will be good to see my co-workers.
finally there is the face...
She is looking cute. I just had to get the eyes in--- could not take the blank look! I am enjoying this delightful pattern.... of course I like Little House Needlework designs. I am thinking of making a few additions to the pattern but I guess I will wait until the entire piece is stitched. Just ideas floating around my head.
Yesterday was a wonderful lazy day. Mr H and I watched a movie or two then our NE Patriots game was on but we will not talk about that. No we will not discuss it at all. One of the things that had our attention part of the afternoon was this..
Our sweet little hummingbird. He kept busy flitting from the hook to the tree and then to the feeder. He spent most of the day sitting on the hook. So delicate. Too cute!
I am getting a bit hungry and I do try to have something before going to work so I will say~~~~
thank you for visiting with me, thank you for the kind words and emails. I enjoy hearing from you. Have a great day.


cucki said...

Aww super cute face :)
Lovely photos
Hugs xxx

Anne said...

Very sweet face Gracie!! Sorry to hear you have to work, but it is nice to chat and see your co workers. They make the day don't they?!!

Holly said...


You have a lovely blog.

Such a sweet face on your project, Iris is lovely too.

I love the little Hummingbird!

Holly x

SoCal Debbie said...

I like to get the faces done quickly too. Better than having a blank blob!

Great pics of the hummingbird. It's so hard to catch them sitting still!