Monday, August 20, 2012

200 for Iris and 41 colors

Last day of 2 weeks off from work... back tomorrow. I did manage to add 200 more stitches to Iris
Can you see the outline becoming clear at the top of the petal? I thought about continuing stitching, but my eyes got tired. I also want to work a little on My Lady. She is weird looking without her eyes stitched in! I also need to burn a couple of picture CD's for my cousins from the get together. More things to do than I seem to have energy for.
I would like to welcome my new friends... and to say how wonderful it is to hear from all of you. We get so busy so it is so nice to know that someone has taken time to send us a message. I have been in some sort of allergy mode ever since I returned to Arizona. Itchy and out of sorts. I try , I really do try not to scratch... I have been taking allergy tablets with some relief.
Is there anyone who would like to do a Christmas exchange? Nothing fancy.... let me know here or by e-mail. I do hope you all have a fantastic I will probably stitch and scratch!


cucki said...

Enjoy your stitching dear.
Hugs xxx

lesli said...

Beautiful progress on Iris! Love all the purples and blues!

Sally said...

That is lovely progress. It is looking so pretty.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

I am also taking allergy tablets for itching skin - it does give me relief though I hope to be off them soon, I think the hot weather brings it on - I can see the start of your iris and its looking good :) I would be interested in doing a xmas exchange with you - we can both itch and stitch! lol