Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It just may rain today

Cloudy, very cool and lovely. When I lived in Rhode Island I never really appreciated a cloudy or rainy day....we had them often. But here in Arizona, it is rare and so nice when we have them. I went outside to get the morning newspaper and then to check on my tomato plants and just stood there for a few minutes looking up to the very overcast sky. I may have to wear longer pants today and a shirt with longer sleeves and just maybe a sweater!  Funny how we change. These tomato plants are loaded with green tomatoes---- and a few are ready to munch. I already had one of these orange/yellow cherry tomatoes, Sunny Gold variety. Sweet and juicy.

I have no stitching pictures today...very little stitching has been accomplished. I finally think I have lost my "cold" and work is still very busy... too tired at night and in the early hours of the morning. Whatever I have made is for gifts and the recipients may stop by and read my posts so I can not share yet. I spent some time this morning preparing packages for mailing and doing the laundry.... not exciting at all. No spectacular plans for today....tatting another ornament for a gift, relaxing and maybe a movie to watch with Mr H. who is not feeling all that great these past few days. Just got my work schedule for Black Friday and Saturday...8 hour at 5:30 and 7 AM...oh my. I may be up and awake but ready for work? another story. If I were not working I would never travel out and about on Black Friday. How about you?
Still time to help me find names for my sweet do not have to have a blog or be a special rules....
Thank you for the kind words and emails....thank you for your friendship.....have a wonderful day.
Almost time for Reindeer Food sure to let me know if your young ones will be on my list.


Simple Pleasure said...

Hi Gracie
Glad to hear you are feeling better; hope Mr. H follows soon. Sorry to hear about your work schedule …I've only ventured out on Black Friday once and would NEVER do it again…LOL
What is your reindeer food mailing about?
Busy Hands…Happy Heart

Brigitte said...

Good to read that you are slowly feeling better. I hope that learning about your work schedule didn't make you feel worse again, lol. Such a schedule doesn't sound very tempting to say the least.

Minnie said...

I won't go shopping until Friday but it will be later in the day,not too early. I love the elves, for some reason the names Pip and Nina keep coming to mind. They are adorable.

cucki said...

Hello dear,
Glad you are feeling better...sending you lots of love and blessings..
Love you x

Vickie said...

I said a prayer for Dennis' health.
Nah, I don't do Black Friday. Our teens are starting to be attracted to it though.
So cold here presently. It turns my mind around seeing your tomatoes.

Fiore said...

God bless you and Mr H, dearie. You're always in my prayers and often in my thoughts.
Loving you.

Shelly said...

Don't work too hard Gracie! I tried Black Friday last year and won't do it again! I can now go through the rest of my life saying I did Black Friday! Those tomatoes are looking yummy! Is reindeer food some kind of sweet concoction? I do have a young'un! Well, 18 yrs young!