Friday, November 15, 2013

New friends

Let me introduce you to
These 2 charming elves have moved in but have no names! They are friendly, smartly dressed and adorable. He in his wool plaid trimmed burlap jacket and she in her plaid fur trimmed wool dress. But what to call them? So, Mr H suggested I post them here and ask you to help. We will choose the names and there will be a small gift to the godparent who names them. They stand about 12 inches tall, have bendable arms and legs just had to come home with me. We found them  when we stopped at a store that had wonderful Christmas items on our way back home Wednesday. Originally we stopped because they had sent an email for snowmen but these beat out that purchase! Don't they bring a smile to your face? We can always use a smile.... So, put on your thinking caps and comment with your choice for names..... we will choose their names on Thanksgiving Day. Now elves are known for their mischievous behavior, but this couple just want to sit together and smile.
I am fighting a cold...just a little off kilter kind of cold.... started over the counter cold helped me get through the day yesterday and I am hoping it will again today. Hope all is well at your place and I am so glad you did stop to visit. Now don't worry, I have covered my face when sneezing and with the occasional coughing. I am using lots of hand sanitizer and lots of tissues. Have a great day.


butterfly said...

So cute love them Ok names I am thinking Scotish here, so how about Amish and Aggy .

Sorry you have a cold hope it soon goes.

cucki said...

So cute..I love them so much..
Get well soon dear xxx

DebbieSFL said...

How about Sam and Sally Smiley.....

Silverlotus said...

They are adorble!

My little guy suggested naming them Matthew and Alysa (pronounced like A-lace-ah), after two of his school friends.

Anthea said...

Hi Gracie, so sorry to hear you're not feeling the best, I hope it subsides soon.
The new little friends are super-cute, they will have great names I'm sure x

Stitching Noni said...

Your little elves are delightful!
Hope your cold goes away soon :o)

Simple Pleasure said...

Good Morning, Gracie
Santa has always needed the help of his elves to complete all his holiday tasks…Gracie needs helping elves to get all her holiday stitching completed…I think PERFECT names would be Tatiana(Tat for short) and Stitch!
I hope you enjoy a week filled with stitching time.
Hope the cold is better… Regards to Mr. H!
Busy Hands and Happy Heart
PS We just got a Jo-Ann's one town away….oh, happy days!!!!!!

Mary Ann said...

They are very cute...maybe Erin and Finn?