Friday, November 22, 2013

Rain rain and more rain and a tomato

For once the weather prediction was correct. It started to rain last night and is still raining. The only problem I have is that Mr H and I planned to go to a Fair in Scottsdale this Sunday and the rain is suppose to continue through then. After such a busy work week and before the dreaded Black Friday, I was hoping to go. We shall see. We have not shopped for our Thanksgiving turkey yet...we, really now, as you all know I do not do the cooking. Mr H has not taken care of it yet. Guess that will be Monday's to do thing. I will bake some mini to have dessert after all. Just ordered beads for a couple of new bracelets... some of the beads will be on back order but that is okay. I will get started on what arrives. Do I really need a new project? I guess so.
I was so tired when I got in from work last night. Such crabby people visited our fabric counter. Of course there were more nice people than not which is good. Mostly our repeat customers who understand and are patient. It's the "new" sewers/crafters who want immediate attention. And don't we all. Wonder if all this rain will keep them home today.... Mr H picked this yesterday..
It is the first of the Early Girl tomatoes. Plan to have it tonight with cucumbers and mouth is watering.
Don't forget about Jeanne's give away for the sampler pattern (yesterday's post) and the Reindeer Food....  Glad you stopped by and thank you for the kind words. Have a wonderful day.


Fiore said...

Nice tomato!

Nancy said...

That tomato looks really good. Hope you enjoy your beads when they come. I haven't done much crafting lately. I hope to do some from Wednesday to Friday next week. Then it is back to work for me on Saturday. Here is hoping that you don't get too many grumpy people from now til Christmas!!

cucki said...

Sweet tomatoe :)
Enjoy your weekend dear x

Sally said...

Hope the rain stops soon.

That tomato looks delicious. There's nothing better than tomatoes fresh off the vines :)