Monday, December 23, 2013

Busy Monday morning

Don't you hate it when these electronic things have a problem? Last week or so my tablet did an "update". No problem, so I thought. Last evening I wanted to read but Kindle would not open any books!  I guess a visit to Best Buy and the Geeks is in order today. I am seriously challenged with computers and things. I think it is that I don't want to make it worse so I do not try too much to fix it on my own. Laundry #2 is almost finished...I read the newspaper and I think I will venture into the sewing room to work on my list. I managed to get my room organized... a bit... last evening before Mr H and I watched Nightmare Before Christmas.... love that movie.... so today I think a list making is in order. Everything seems to have been haphazard with my projects. Oh I did accomplish lots over the last year, but there are a few starts that are still starts and few need to be completed things hanging around. Then there are a couple of UFO that are really ancient... problem is that I want to do too many things. Therefore, a list should might keep me organized.
So many wonderful friendships have started right here with my blog. I could list many names, but for now I will tell you about one ...Shirlee of The Easily Influenced Stitcher who is largely responsible for my learning to tat. She reads my blog so she knew I was not having the best of luck learning to tat. I got an email back in April with the name, address and phone number of someone less than a mile from my house. So, all the way from Kentucky I learn about a lady right in my own back yard. I sent Shirlee a tatted ornament as a thank you and Shirlee sent me...
threads and a new shuttle... she is such an encouraging friend. It was not a planned exchanged, just something two friends wanted to do.....just realized the tea pot lid is crooked... but the thread looks great. I find it wonderful that we encourage one another to do this or that. We encourage one anther to try and then we are right there with the kind words of praise. Friend know no distance or language. Hugs are felt and tears are shared as well as smiles and belly laughs. Fred Rogers said------
"The gifts we treasure most over the years are often small and simple. In easy times and in tough times, what seems to matter most is the way we show those nearest us that we've been listening to their needs, to their joys and to their challenges." In the blogging world, many of us are not so near, but rather far away.... but we certainly prove that time and distance do not matter in friendship.  Christmas Day is almost here. A new year will begin and so continues our friendships. I am so grateful to count you all as my friends. Have  a wonderful day my friends.


Annette-California said...

How blessed we are with all the wonderful friendships we've made know no distance or language. I couldn't agree more.
Love the festive teapot Shirlee sent you and the thoughtful goodies for tatting. Loved your post Gracie. Hope you get your Kindle all sorted out. Hope you have a wonderful day too. love Annette

Vickie said...

How right you are about our friendships!
What a wonderful thing it turned out to be with you and Shirlee sharing like that!
Mr. Rogers was so very smart wasn't he?
God bless you and Mr. H this Christmas!

Julie said...

The blogging world brings such happiness my way meeting very wonderful people. I really enjoy my visits here to see what you have been doing.

Sarah Beth said...

I had the same trouble my tablet updated to kit kat . I had to resign in. I have a nexus 7 Google tablet. It got better

Mouse said...

awwww that was lovely and so pleased you got someone so close to help you learn too :)
hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very merry Crafting New Year .. not forgetting the stitching love mouse xxxxx

Shirlee said...

Merry Christmas my friend : )

Ele said...

you are so right about friendships!
Merry Christmas!! :)