Saturday, August 12, 2017

Plans sidelined

Today I was going to paint the pond wall...I stopped yesterday at Home Depot and picked up a few items...paint
to paint 2 stripes on the wall behind the pond matching the colors in this pottery jar that is on the wall. All the supplies were made ready last night
yes, in the laundry basket which is not being used right now. But...earlier this morning there was thunder and lightening and very grey skies along with about 5 minutes of drizzle. So, by the time this cleared up it is too hot and too muggy to be out there preparing to paint. Maybe tomorrow. The nozzle broke for the backyard hose so that made it's way into the cart. I also remembered to pick up a new skimmer
Denny was 5'8" and long at 5' short arms had trouble using the skimmer he had with no handle! This will telescope to 8 feet! It is a guarantee that I will not be leaning into the pond to collect leaves and not falling in! This morning I attached a timer so that if I want to shut the waterfall off I can do so from the house. I am feeling quite accomplished.
Enjoyed my lunch meeting with Vicki-K.
Vicki and Dan
Be sure to stop by and visit her Christmas blog  and also her other blog Being Grammy We had wonderful conversation as well as lunch. Her interests are varied and I am sure you will enjoy meeting her and her sweet grandchildren as well as get some organizational ideas for Christmas.
Remember my rearranging the computer? I had to disconnect several things so I could move it and in putting it all back together I messed up. No speakers! Of course what to do...after spending an hour this morning trying to figure it out, I sent an email to Keith and ....did you know that if you have a green connection it plugs into the green spot on the back of the computer? All fixed. Poor Keith I just about drive him crazy. The sun is shining brightly now and it is hot and humid so no outdoor activities for me. Soon, real soon, I must get gas...I am at the 3 line. It has been a month since my last gas adventure so I hope I remember what does what. Today will be a relax day and just maybe some needle in hand. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. Most of all, thank you or your friendship.
❤Special note: Today is the funeral back in Rhode Island for my dear gentle cousin Rocco. 


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

Your pond looks great. Painting can always wait. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Glad you have good friends around you. Take care my friend. hugs

I will take it easy.

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I always think that asking friends for help means you get the support you need but also they feel good that you felt able to ask and they were able to help. You are really doing so well. Have you surprised yourself a bit?? That water feature is looking good. Irene xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sounds like you are getting organised with the right equipment for each job.
I do follow Vicky, I love her posts about her lovely grandchildren and their cute weather-themed nicknames.

Vickie said...

You are staying so busy Gracie! So many projects!! How are the fish?

Julie said...

Your friends looks a lovely lady