Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Horses, a bear and a frog

Prediction is for a 107 temp day but it is quite nice right now at almost 7 AM. I will grind the beans and brew some coffee and sit at the sewing machine
and sew Glenda's teddy bear. I really enjoy creating these bears and always loved to make cloth dolls. There is that special satisfaction when you make something and then see the smile it can bring to someone. Speaking of cloth dolls, the doll is refreshed and back in the rocker..
pig tails all fluffed out and smelling of Downey. I was asked for the measurement of the rocker...at the high point of the backrest it is 19" and the seat is 7 wide and 10" deep....just enough for a little body.
When I bought the chair and then the curio, the furniture place gives you a stuffed critter for spend $100 or more....
The small horse is about 16" high and came home with the chair and the taller at 20" came home with the curio. You get to choose from a few different animals that change throughout the year. There was also the gold or white tigers but the horses were my choice. The brown one is sporting one of Denny's bandanas.
The pond needs some finishing landscaping but this guy has been sitting here for 12 years and before this he sat at our pond edge in RI
Each year Denny would paint him to bring him back to life and he has sat at various places along the pond edge. Somewhere along the years he lost his left foot...but still poses comfortably.  I will need to paint the trim at the top of the wall before I can add plants and such around the pond. Most likely I will head to Home Depot tonight or tomorrow for paint and a new nozzle for the hose.  Yesterday morning Dianna and I spent time roaming around and then lunch. I started not to feel too well so I came home early and sure enough my blood pressure was a tad high. Feet up and plenty of iced water. I hadn't really drank much all morning.  I am feeling much better today. I had thought about early yard work but no, inside and sewing will be my task. I am so glad we had this visit. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your caring friendship. Lets have a good day.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The doll looks much happier right way up and sitting in her chair!
Love the frog too, that's the only sort of frog we want around here.

butterfly said...

Your doll looks so pretty in her chair and looks happy the right way up ha
Cute frog I love little ornaments around the garden.
Enjoy your stitching day hugs.

Julie said...

Nice to see the doll has no lasting after effects from her topsy turvy escapade on the washing line.. she does look nice and comfortable in her rocker.

Janice said...

Hi Gracie Tilly looks clean and settled into her comfy chair. You're a good mom....glad you're feeling better now. You're thinking it was the heat and a lack of hydration? Well take care....hugs

Brigitte said...

The doll was looking so sad in your last post while hanging from the clothes line. But now she is back in the chair in all her prettiness :) I hope your sewing day went well.

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm glad you had another good and productive day, even though you were not feeling so well for a moment. I like your horses and frog, you have so many fun things around your house!

Sok Sareth said...

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koi seo said...

Nice to see the doll has no lasting after effects from her topsy turvy escapade on the washing line.. she does look nice and comfortable in her rocker.