Tuesday, February 1, 2011

?Am I having one of those days?

I posted my finish for Day #8 at over at my other place...but I am not happy about it. I just do not know....well it is there if you would like to look....and any and all comments are always appreciated. Maybe I should finish as a pillow (my original plan) or go ahead and frame it. I do not think I have ever felt this way about a project I have stitched!

What I need to do is get out one of my other pieces and work on it..to kind of put this out of my mind.
Mr H of course is very supportive...he plans to help complete this one.....ugh...

Did you download the new issue of GOS...it has brightened my spirits....some lovely things in there.

I think I need to take some Tylenol and have  a cup of tea...a Bloody Mary is what I'd rather, but not with a headache....thanks for listening....

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natalyK said...

Grace, I recently felt that way about a project, and it still sits in the UFO pile. I think you should work on something new, your stitching is beautiful. Hope the headache goes away quickly.