Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where have I been? posts for a few days....but I have kept busy...unfortunately, I can not show what I have been doing! Why you ask...a few of the "things" I am working on are it is hush hush until they are sent and received.
I will have a picture of my pinkeep to post tomorrow...getting ready to sew it together. And hopefully the Sewing Girl pillow will be complete.....just need to get the sewing machine ready....and sew!
These are the fabrics I am working with. The burgundy print is for Sewing Girl...the others are the gifts I mentioned. My fingers are itching to stitch, so I will pick up on of the Challenge projects today...not sure which one.
Thank you for the feel better wishes for Mr H. I think he is starting to feel better. I talked to a nurse yesterday who said this virus hit hard and it takes time to recover. So I will be patient for him as he is loosing his! Our temps the last couple of days have been 80...and again today....ahhhhh! So glad you visited with me today... until tomorrows posts....have a great Sunday.


Crystal said...

So glad that Mr H is starting to feel a bit better. Those fabrics look so yummy, looking forward to seeing more pics soon with what you are using them with.

Emily said...

Your fabrics are beautiful!! I have been busy too!!

Tanya said...

Such pretty fabrics!! By the way -- I enjoy reading your blog and don't comment much because I use Firefox and it doesn't allow me to click into the Google comment area for some reason. So I switched to Safari today so I could say HI and comment :)

Happy Stitching,

Kttycat said...

Can't wait to see what you've been working on. Beautiful fabrics!