Friday, July 28, 2017

Busy Thursday

Thursday was the day...the pond cover came down
Meet Sherry who unlike me can handle an electric screw driver and not strip the screws. She arrived bright and early and right to work. Together we got it done...

now I have a pile of word that must be cut into 4 foot pieces for the trash pick-up. Now to locate the jig-saw I found in the cupboard. What a change to the corner of the yard. After Sherry left in came Dianna....and to work we went. She began with removing the last of the word from the wall and then to helping empty the pond. Once that was completed Dianna snapped the blind in the bathroom into place with little effort. I did watch how she did it for the next time. The problem was not only did Denny do all these things I did not watch how many were done. These gals are teaching me as we go along. While chatting I showed Dianna the chair I wanted for the bedroom and of course the wandering gal she is said "let's go get it" so of course off we went and came home with
Perfect chair for reading and needlework. Speaking of chairs, Dianna knew I was looking for a doll chair, something to sit one of many in and she found this while out with her Bobby....
a rustic handmade rocker. After texted me the picture and cost I immediately said yes. Once I am advised by friends Don and Glenda how to clean it, it will be used to display which ever doll fits the season/holiday. They know just how to clean and know whether to paint or stain furniture. What a busy day. Now this was why I was not here yesterday; busy is the key word and then exhausted. Now today or I should say once I drink my coffee out to the yard I will venture to do the cutting of the wood...did I mention I have never used a jig-saw? The pond still needs some cleaning but that will be tomorrow morning. All the outdoor stuff needs to be done early to beat the heat.
Today it may be that I will beat some rain. What I do not cut today will be moved into the garage to keep it dry until I can cut it all. Slowly things are getting done with the help of my friends. How lucky I am to have them. Glad that you my friends have stopped to visit. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement and most of all for your friendship. Let's have a good day.


Vickie said...

Well my friend, you have accomplished so much with your dear friends. But oh my! YiKeS! Please be careful with the jigsaw!!

Julie said...

Such wonderful friends you have. I'm sure you give as much back to them with your thoughtfulness and kindness.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love that little doll's chair so much! You do have some great friends who all deserve little tatted angels I'm sure.
Be careful with the saw, you need those stitching fingers.

phann son said...

Your bear is wonderful. I just love the little pocket on his back, what a clever idea.


Leonore Winterer said...

I'm so glad you have so many great friends who help you get along in these times, and also try and get you out of the house (and yard) :)

LindaLee said...

Hello Gracie.
What wonderful friends you have. There are so many things that our dear husbands just jump right into and do, that we overlook. I'm sure Denny is smiling down on you and your friends as they help you do some of these things.
I just picked up a small doll chair exactly like the one you got. Found it at a thrift store for five dollars, and I'll be putting my one Raggedy Anne with baby doll in it. I love the country look.
You enjoy this beautiful day Gracie.

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