Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Being Kind

Well, it seems that things around Horton House are getting taken care of. Don was here yesterday to finish the sprinkler system drip lines. The only plants I need to water are those in the large pots and with the exception of one or two, they are not watered everyday. I talked  to a pond company and to our landscapers asking if they could find a home for the pond fish. I will be sorry that they will go, but I am trying to make it easier for me. Denny I know understands he himself some months back said that if anything happened to them we would not replace them. The little hummer continues to visit the lanai each day and stays for a few hours.  The new feeder remains popular with a couple of them. Yesterday was a bit of tatting
 5 of Denny's Angels got their dresses now to finish with the bottom row of tatting. These will each have colored, blue, southwest, green and gold. When I first made these in March, Denny thought they would make nice gifts to send at Christmas. Then while in hospital he reminded me to be sure to make them and send them; hence they are called Denny's Angels. I enjoy the process of tatting them and think of him with each one.
Today the word Kind....
The dictionary describes kind as being gentle. My Denny was a gentle man.  He was kind to me, sharing all responsibilities and spoiling me.  He loved his garden and was kind to all the creatures. If he lifted a pot and scared a lizard, he would actually feel bad. He especially wanted the hummer feeders to be full at all times and the birdbath kept clean for the other birds. He worried about the bunnies even though he loved the coyotes. So the word kind has a hummingbird and bunny charm. He was a very kind man. 
Today will be a tatting day and I still want to start a teddy bear. I want to do so many things but then my thoughts get in the way. So, I will sit and enjoy my coffee and waffles (no, I did not make them, they are frozen...although we do have a waffle maker). Thank you for visiting with me today and for the kind words and emails. Most of all thank you for your friendship. Let's have a good and be kind to someone.


Vickie said...

Just look at the host of angels!! Denny's angels. :D Awesome!
Kind is just wonderful Gracie. I just love "tuning in" for the next installment on this Banner. I truly do my friend. I am learning so much from you two. God bless you this day!

Karyn said...

Those angels are gorgeous, you are so talented Gracie, it's like Denny is inspiring you to show us all of your artistry...and your strength. Your name fits you :)
I love today's banner stitch, it is true we should all be kinder, and spread that kindness, and even remember to also be kind to ourselves.
I'm so proud of you for just being kind, strong and filled with Grace.
Have a good day ♥️

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Oh Grace, if only everyone was kind it would be a different world altogether. I try to remind myself that there are so many kind people out there but when you work on a public desk it's hard to convince yourself:-) Your husband sounds as though he was a lovely person to know - I love your comments about the animals - I can relate to how he felt. I can't watch nature programmes on television as I find them too cruel.

Shelly said...

Your husband sounds like he was a real gentleman. But then you can see it in his face in his picture. The Angels are going to be beautiful but I'm intrigued with the southwest color beads; would that be like a Sedona red color? Looking forward to seeing them made up. Being kind is so important in this world and hopefully, being kind to another will make the other kind. Like a Pay It Forward deal, if you will. Have a good day tatting, Gracie.

sally ann said...


I've popped over from Butterfly Wings blog. Although this is my first visit to you and I just wanted to say how sorry I am about your husband. He sounds like a lovely very lovely man.
I love your words of affirmation - what a lovely idea.
The angels look beautiful and are a lovely idea x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the little Denny's Angels you are making, such a lovely idea.
I also think it is the kind thing to let the fish go somewhere they can be well looked after. Fish are not always to keep and you have so much to do already.

butterfly said...

Denny's Angels are looking beautiful.
Love the word KIND Denny was a wonderful husband , hugs coming your way sweet friend.

Vicki said...

The creativity and thoughtfulness you've put into this project are inspiring, Gracie! Another special word.

diamondc said...

Hi Gracie: I hope this post comes through.
What lovely angels they will be, you have such lovely memories of Denny, you both are lucky to have each other.
I am sure he is with the Angels in heaven and telling them what a wonderful Wife you were.
My Mike is the same way about animals, he grew up on a farm and loves all creatures except the horrible mink in our neighborhood.
Watering plants can sometimes be a chore.
Enjoy your coffee and waffles, even the ones in box's are good.


Alan said...


Leonore Winterer said...

Your Denny really was kind, but so are you - you're taking such good care of his plants and the fish and that little hummer!

Brigitte said...

The little Denny's angels are so lovely and I'm very curious to see the teddy bear you wanted to tat.
Being kind seems to become one of the most important things in this world.