Sunday, July 16, 2017

After the storm

Around 5:30 PM last evening we had a Monsoon storm...the winds were strong...strong enough to scatter pots and debris around the yard and the rains flooded part of the yard.....puddles everywhere. The wind howled and whipped the trees and bushes. Then around quarter past 6 it ended. Today the sun shines and the forecast is for maybe another event tonight. I do not like these storms and it was worse not having Denny here to tell me to not worry. I also did not have to call him in from the garage doorway or the front yard while he enjoyed the storm under an umbrella.
Remember the beautiful flowers from LuLu and Stan
The lavender roses dried to a lovely mauve and I put them on a mirror that belonged to Denny's mother.
His mother gave me her mirror many years ago before she passed. She told me it was from the early 50's and we loved it...marred and all. I usually rests on my bureau and still will. LuLu and Stan are dear friends from RI...Lu and I worked together before I left to move here. Amazing how a flower will change colors ....still lovely and caring memories from my friends fro Denny.
Today the word is Faith.

Now I have mentioned this before (and occasionally received  negative comments) but we were not religious; yes we were raised, baptized and married in the Catholic church...anyway when I began stitching it I told Denny that I did have Faith that the angels would take care of him for me. He told me they needed to take care of me for him. So, they are taking care of both of us. I put a star with a rhinestone  in the center to signify that there will always be a star in the heavens shining from Denny. The tatted butterfly because he loved to go to the butterfly gardens and the butterflies always landed on him never on me! Yesterday was a very long day and too many hours in the darkness. I have been trying to tat today but the cut on the pad of my right thumb is nagging and sore. I think if it would stop bleeding it will be okay. I am pleased to have you visit with me. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement everyday. Thank you for your friendship....Let's have a good day.


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Having faith is a wonderful thing to hold onto Grace. I think storms are scary when you are on your own. I hope your thumb improves soon.

butterfly said...

I love the word FAITH best word for me I love it and use it many times.
I don't like storms , hope you don't get too many , hugs.

Julie said...

Hello Gracie, I bet you thought I had deserted you not visiting recently, sadly there has been an issue here at home that I have had to come to terms with... back now and really have enjoyed a catch up read of your postings. The affirmation words are beautiful in the banner, the meanings for each has been delightful to read about.
I hope your sore is soon healed and you can get back to some craftwork.
Love and blessings xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I suppose Faith isn't just for religion, we put put our faith and trust in each other too, being faithful to our partners.
Hope you don't have too many storms to brave on your own.

Vicki said...

Another beautiful block in your banner. The roses on the mirror are lovely!

Vickie said...

I am glad you saved the roses. Lovely. Yep, the angels are taking care of you both.♥

LindaLee said...

Glad all is well with you after the storm, and I pray that the storm ahead this evening won't be nearly as strong.
I think of you missing Denny, Gracie and I'm so sorry for you.
Lots of colors and stitches your way dear friend.


Leonore Winterer said...

I don't think you need to be religious in oder to have faith, and I have complete faith that the two of you will continue to look out for each other.

You do have some scary weather were you life - first dust, now monsoon!