Monday, May 8, 2017

It's Monday

Oh boy oh's Monday so that means tomorrow is Tuesday and that means The Brother Alan is arriving! Just in time the weather is cooling triple digits so it will enjoyable to be outdoors. Preparations are almost complete...seems to be taking longer this year! Oh, and if I have nothing else better to do, the microwave seems to need to be replaced. Found that it has a place under the turntable where it is pealing and when I went on line to check safety, it says it is not! Oh bother 😒. Guess I am going out today to get one. Anyway, the bright side of things is that he is arriving tomorrow, and Lisa too.....big to go now, things to do.


cucki said...

Yay I am so happy for you :)
Sending you love and hugs x

Vicki said...

The weather will be perfect for his visit, have a wonderful time with him!

Lesley said...

The time has arrived:) I expect the Cheshire Cat smile will be yours today.
(I live a few miles from where Lewis Carroll was born here in Cheshire uk)
My microwave had the same problem and I too went and purchsed a new one,straight away.I think condensation from microwaving caused the protective lining to peel,maybe a tiny fault in the lining.
Hope you all have a lovely day.

blue star stitcher said...

What great timing for your brother to enjoy the last few cool days here before summer hits us. Hope you have a wonderful visit.

Anthea said...

I hope you enjoy the time with your brother, Gracie... it seems the weather will be lovely for being outdoors.

Leonore Winterer said...

I hope you are having a great time with your brother! :)