Saturday, May 6, 2017

Is it too early????

Just sitting here at the computer desk with my cup of tea and a bottle of, I will not be drinking the wine...yet. I received the wine as a Christmas hostess thank you gift and have been saving it for The Brother Alan's visit.  ( I lightly power dusted the bottle to omit the glare...thought I should mention that!)  The mouse is watching to be sure that I do not open the bottle! Did I mention he will be here soon? I am so glad this week has finally ended. I have not been crafty productive at all. There have been better weeks around The Horton House. Anyway, not to complain or wine whine...I could drink a glass about now. I am trying to learn to take it one day at a time and make adjustments. I am teaching this old gal to relax and go with the flow or lack of it. Yesterday I took the car in for service....the 6 month check up. Tires rotated, oil changed, fluids checked and it is ready to go for The Brother Alan's visit. He and Lisa will be taking the car for a 2 hour ride up to Prescott for a horseback ride. It was due anyway but now I am comfortable that it is in time for their visit.  No, Mr H and I will not be going. We would like them to enjoy their visit without our tagging along. Not sure that Mr H would be able to do long ride and never the horseback ride. The temperatures here have been in the triple digits already. Yesterday it was 108 and today back to around 95. Right now it is 74. By the time Alan arrives it will be back to normal, in the 70s and 80s. I have not done much of any stitching of any be truthful, not in the mood. Besides, I have been getting the guest room ready and such. Takes a bit of rearranging from sewing to guest. One thing I have been putting off is the needs the yearly get straight and clean up but I think it may have to wait...I am running out of time. There still are a few things to remove form the guest room, so I better finish my tea and get to it. Glad to chat with you. Thank you for the kind words and your friendship. Have a great day.

Grover is patiently waiting------
counting down...3 days to arrival!
Is it May 9th yet?
Is it Tuesday yet?


Vickie said...

I always loved Grover. A little bit at a time. You keep at it, and you will have the guest room all ready. :D

butterfly said...

How lovely that your guests will be with you soon .
You will soon pick back up your stitching again after , sometimesit's good to rest.
Sending hugs and xxxs .

shirley flavell said...

You will have a wonderful time with your brother and his partner, you won't want to do any stitching while they are there. I love going to see my sister who lives a long way from me, we go out and about and enjoy each others company. Not long now Gracie:)

Leonore Winterer said...

That wine looks interesting...I've heard of enjoying it together with chocolate, but never before in one bottle!

blue star stitcher said...

We have been putting off the spring garage cleaning at our house, but need to get it done before it's too hot to even think about. Prescott will be so nice for horseback riding. We did a trail-ride just south of Dewey for one of my daughter's birthdays and it was a lot of fun.