Friday, August 15, 2014

Delicious threads

Hi Gracie.  Your name was drawn as the owner of my threads!  Please send your address and I will get them in the mail Monday.  Hope you enjoy them!!
How happy this email made me...I put my name in the draw at Marley's blog . and I won!

 I love visiting with her and you will too....lovely stitching. The colors are Raspberry Sherbert, Flame, Evergreen, Cranberry, Cherry and Sage...just to name a few.  A dozen in lucky day! I finished the a on Amazing Grace and almost completed the r.My hands are still feeling really dry so I am not sure if I will be working with Elizabeth today. Lu, are you following all this?! Let me explain: Lu is my forever sidekick back in Rhode Island. We worked together during my last years there in a doctors office, side by side. By the end of our first week, we became sisters.... true friends. Lu telephoned me last night..... we chat like we are still together, well we are in our hearts. We have laughed, we have cried and we have shared secrets. She reads my blog and admitted to me last night that as she does not do any of these things, she gets lost in the posts! Sometimes you just know that a person will always be in your life forever, a true friend, a sister..... that's my Lu. I am so lucky!  Well now, it is time to get to do some laundry and bake that Banana Cream pie that I did not get to do yesterday. With the temps and humidity so hot, it is best to do baking early and this is early. I think I need a Pop-tart too.....glad you stopped by and we chatted today. Have a wonderful day. 

PS/ I just found a note on the desk; mag shirt finger you know what this is? I sure don't. Guess I best toss it out so it does not drive me crazy trying to figure it out. Note to myself: write complete sentences with all notes to self.


Vickie said...

Good for you! Those threads are so lovely from Marly.
I am happy you have a true friend like Lu. :)
That is one crazy note Gracie!

cucki said...

Congrats my dear..they so yummy :) beautiful threads
Oh dear this is one real crazy note!
Hugs xxx

Vicki said...

Hi Gracie, I found your blog through Maggee's blog. From reading your past posts I think you live somewhat near to me. I am in Surprise. Your reference to Attic Needlework is what made me think you might be nearby. I'm looking forward to reading your posts!

KimM said...

What beautiful threads - hmmm - the note…..

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Yay! The threads are lovely and Marley is a dear :)
Were you sleeping when you wrote the note :) HAHA!

Annie said...

Hello Gracie

Congrats on winning such beautiful threads!
How lovely to have a true friend in LU.
Happy weekend (:

Julie said...

Delightful array of threads you were lucky to win, how wonderful.