Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Tat

No, no, not a Tat as in tattoo... as in tatting!
This is called Primrose and will be a pincushion topper. I know, it really looks sloppy and not like

much, but it will look better.... I am almost finished with round 2 and then on to the 3rd.... I am using DMC 30 and I think I prefer to tat with smaller thread. I have not decided which will be my snowflake #3 yet. Hopefully today my new shuttles will arrive then Debra can get me started on adding beads to my tatting. You just knew I would want to add beads to my tat projects.
I also worked on my exchange piece...
just a it is a bit of surprise for Angela. We decided to exchange in July so I do not want to give it all away.
Another hot day as it will continue to be until September/October. I have permission from Mr H to water a few of the garden plants early morning. Some are off limits to me.... I also open the umbrellas that we do not sit under.... no, they shade the garden areas. As I was out there this morning, I saw the baby fish...he seems to be growing a little quicker now. By the time I came in for the camera he disappeared under the rock bridge. Maybe later when Mr H throws some food in for them. It now comes up to nibble. I am feeling so tired this morning. Not really lazy, but tired. I wanted to go for an early morning walk but just could not muster up the ambition to go. I must get back to my tatting... still need to start the doll, need to vacuum, need my coffee! Glad to have you visit and thank you for the kind words and emails... have a great day.


meggie said...


Your tatting is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing your secret stitching.
It is very hot here too.

Julie said...

The first line of your post did make me smile, i think i would have fell off the chair if you had shown a new tattoo you had done!

The tatting on the other hand is looking beautiful, how exciting to be adding beads to it too, cant wait to see.

cucki said...

It is looking so pretty x

Patty C. said...

Looking forward to seeing more of your tatting ... you are doing a great job!

Annette-California said...

I held my breath as I read your opening - lol. That was funny. I am in awe watching as you create what your tatting. From the sneak peek, lovely colors of fabrics. Have a beautiful day Gracie. love Annette