Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Crinoline Lady and a Baboushka Girl

Good day to you. My Jo Ann's MOD (manager on duty) took some pity on me and gave me the day off today.  My tooth is still quite sore and I have had a migraine on/off since the dentist visit. Now what do you think I will be doing? If you guessed house things you are wrong.....very wrong. I plan to stitch and do some reading.

The morning started very early for the entire household. The clock read 3:30 and Zoe decided she was hungry and needed desperately to eat. So Mr H fixed her plate dish and chow down she did. Then it was a need to go she did. Just when I thought it was going to be quiet again, Mr H appeared in the sewing room  at 4:30 and offered to make me scrambled eggs on toast. Of course the answer was yes so I made a cup of tea to go with it. Finally it was 5 before things got quiet and I could begin to stitch.

You know when you go looking for one thing and find another, maybe a lot of others....that happened to me the other day.
circa 1949        cost 10 cents!
I am not sure where I got this booklet from but I am sure happy I have it.
And along with the booklet....
That's right, I crocheted one of the hankies. Now I can tell you that I did so while I was pregnant with my youngest son Eric who is now 39.  I was on a big crochet kick making doilies, many of which I still have. My original plan was to make the cover design which they show framed. Problem was, I thought to start small and then I ran out of time as he was born. I think I will float frame the booklet and display it for  awhile.
I did start this....
It is Baboushka, a kit from Lanarte. I saw this piece stitched by Kaye and she kindly sent it to me along with some of the threads. As I thought I would not have enough threads I decided to match as closely as I could the colors. I have a special finishing plan for this doll.

Do you have great weekend plans? If so, have a great time. I am so glad you took some time to visit with me......I am hoping for a quiet weekend.


Cardygirl said...

Hope you are feeling better. Love the Crinoline ladies...I have hankies with them too! The Babushka looks good too.

Mouse said...

oooo I can sympathise with the tooth I fractured mine with eating a ginger bread cookie :( luckily going to dentist on tuesday for a check up .... hope you got lots of stitching done and love your new start too :) love mouse xxxx

Nicola said...

Wishing you a good weekend and hope your tooth improves. I have a dental appointment on Thursday (:

Teresa said...

I absolutely love the hankie, very cute.
Hope your feeling bette soon.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Lynda said...

You are in the wars Gracie - a sore tooth and a migraine. I wish you a speedy recovery from both and lots of lovely stitching time.