Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ready to finish

The morning started with thunder and finally rain. Unfortunately the rain did not last very long. It was quite humid for a short time as it is when we are in the Monsoon. At the moment, it is partly cloudy...but still very warm.
I finished the stitching on BBD Summer Iris....
I think I will use the same backing fabric I chose for my Summer Exchange to Elisa.

When I go in to work today maybe I will check again to see if something else catches my eye. I guess I really have not made my mind up yet!

We are football fans...specifically the NE Patriots. The season has started and although these are pre-season games, it was a nice win Friday. How did your team do....are you a football fan. Some wives/mates are not into the sport, but it is one thing we share. Before moving away from RI, Mr H and our son Eric would watch the games together. Both yelling or DIL Andrea and I would stitch. I miss those times......

Well, I need to have I wish you a wonderful weekend. So very happy you stopped by.


Wagapapa said...

The backing fabric you chose is perfect for that stitching.
We are soccer fans and our teams are doing the pre-season so-so hope they improve when the season start.
Have a good weekend you too!


Gabi said...

Gorgeous finish. Blind as I am at times I thought yesterday that it was finished already. But I was so in love with your letter G that I didn't see the border wasn't finish. So typical.
Anyway...congrats again.
Your backing fabric is really a beauty and I think it would make the perfect finishing touch to use it as backing fabric.

Jennifer M. said...

Such a pretty design and the backing fabric is perfect. I love pretty blues. Unfortunately I'm not much of a football fan. My boyfriend on the other hand is a fanatic because he played in high school and college. We are from Miami so naturally he is a Dolphins fan. Always will be no matter how poorly they play, ;)

Enjoy your weekend.

KarenV said...

Pretty finish - that backing fabric is a lovely colour :)

Sally said...

What a beautiful finish Gracie. That backing fabric is perfect.