Thursday, August 11, 2011

I need some energy

I seem to have not only lost days but energy this week. Don't get me wrong, I have been stitching but I just .....maybe one of these could lead me to the problem!
Did you have one of these games? Operation....My brother Alan did.

Yesterday's mail brought me my Secret Pen Pal note! I have absolutely no clue---yet---who it is. oh she did tell me a bit about herself, but still I have not to be honest tried very hard to blog search for her. I really want this to remain a mystery until the end. I will be looking forward to September to receive the next note.
I have emailed the Post Card Exchange to those who wanted to participate. For whatever reason, I had trouble getting it off so a few may receive it twice.....
The day is starting with partly cloudy skies.....rain would be nice.....When I lived on the East Coast, I never asked for rain!
Yesterday I pulled out my Christmas Ornament magazines.....thought I would at least plan think about making a few....I did not take an update on my BBD Summer Iris...I am almost finished with the vase section. Maybe tomorrow I will post it.
Well off I go. I need desperately need another cup of coffee and the morning paper.....then off to work today. So glad you visited today. Enjoy your day .


Gabi said...

Coffee fixes everything :) Coffee and chocolate together do even a better job.
Wishing you a great day :)

Nancy said...

Hope you get your energy back soon!

Blu Stitcher said...

Mine is gone also. Even getting on the internet seems to hard for me, LOL. I have to have lunch ready for hubby in 45 mins and I am still just sitting here and can't even think of what to make. If you find yours please look for mine. LOL