Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What a difference a day makes~~~~~and 8 months

When I started this blog 8 months ago, it was to join with other stitchers and crafters like myself. I did not think about number of followers----just to make friends. I find that I have people who visit --- some comment---some email---all interested in what I am doing. I have made so many wonderful caring people. Do you think it will hit the 100#?
Bright and sunny and warm yesterday---clouds breezy and definitely much cooler today....
Lucky for me, everything I have planed for the day is indoors. Funny how I would never enjoy a day like today if I was still in RI. I do enjoy them here in AZ. The cable guy is coming this morning . Mr H seems to think there is a problem with our HD reception. I will be with dear friends Ziz and Fern at 2~~~I am bringing the champagne cocktails! Then maybe out to the card stitch group tonight...... I worked on Dragonfly early this morning. If you would like to see,join me at my other place for a look. Thank you for visiting and the emails and comments.

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And This Little Pig said...

Wow congrats Gracie, I'm so sure you will hit the 100! And more :D
LiBBiE in Oz