Saturday, December 19, 2015

New Scissors

They are not as perfect as the first pair, but they will do until I find the perfect pair..
see how small and sleek the broken pair is.... perfect for cutting threads in Hardanger. The new pair I bought at the Viking Sewing Center at Jo Ann's this morning. I tried them and they do work.... I really like the original pair. I checked on line and also Nordic Needle and I really do not want to pay $60+ for a replacement. The little pair did cost a fair amount, but at the time of purchase I was given a very nice discount. These cost $29.00 and then a 20% discount. So, for now these will do. I still have not started my baking...what am I waiting for? I really do like to bake at night or very early in the morning...tomorrow is football day so that may be a good day. Remember the socks that I just knit...sent them off to my mom, EvaP for Christmas. What did she say? She carried on about how talented I am and that her friends love them but that she doesn't know if she should wear them. She does not want to spoil them! What! My response is that if she does not wear them I want them back. They are made to be worn. EvaP just celebrated her 89th birthday and is " I should save this/that/these mind set. Really.... Anyway, that's my tale for the day. Happy to have you visit with me. Thank you for your kind words and your wonderful friendship. Enjoy your day.


cucki said...

Simply so sweet like you..
Big hugs x

Vickie said...

hahaha! Your mom makes me smile. :D I sometimes have that attitude. I always used to. I have been trying to change. Life is just too short.

shirley flavell said...

I bought a "Gingher" small scissors for doing hardanger.Best embroidery investment for me. They were pricey at the beginning but 10-12 years later they are as good as new. I have kept them for hardanger only though.I do enjoy hardanger which reminds me I have a piece I started a few years ago and put away. Time to get it out and finish it. It's a large star shape in white with lots of eyelets etc. It's in one of the Burda special hardanger books. I made several pairs of socks for my mother, she loved them and liked to show them off. She wore them all winter. Best wishes Gracie to you and yours. Hugs Shirley

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Wide opened eyes at the price of scissors! My pair wer about £5 and have the most satisfying "snip" noise when I cut a thread.
Love your Mum's attitude, just like my Nana used to be, saving nice clothes for "best".

Tiffstitch said...

I'm glad those work! I use these squissors for my hardanger and they work really nicely. Even with the exchange, they're not anywhere near $60...outrageous!