Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving to all. Mr H will be cooking as usual today. I will do the prep and such. There will be football and eating and of course I will be stitching. I might even get Mr H to help get down the Christmas stuff.  Table is already set. I love turkey and the fixings..... and I will make a nice Antipasto and we have Blueberry pie for desert. No, I did not bake it but I did make the Pizzelles.  A nice relaxing day is the plan.
Our neighborhood is in a stinky mess. About 10 miles from our home is a fire, a hay and mulch fire. The smoke is visible for many miles and the slightest wind carries it for many miles. The smell is nasty. The fire is on 20 acres of land and in the center it is 15 feet deep. It will have to burn itself out and now they say it could take months! No open doors and no sitting outside unless it is a very still air day. Yesterday was my last PT day at least for now. I must say it has not really helped much. Last injection will be next week. Tough getting old!
Shirlee are please that we are receiving responses to our card exchange.... are you interested? I posted about it here.  It is simple, mail a card to all or some of who will be listed...card only. To  join us, please email me me you full name and address by December 4th and I will email you with the info. Hoping to do this for the year. My email link is on the top right sidebar ( Nice to return to the old way; card and stamp and maybe a short message. Hope you will consider joining Shirlee and the others. Glad you visited today and I do thank you for the kind words.
I am grateful for your friendship......have a wonderful day.


butterfly said...

Happy thanksgiving , have a nice restful day .

Sally said...

Happy Thanskgiving to you and Mr H.
That fire sounds awful ):

rosey175 said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about the stinky fire! Hay does seem to burn forever once it gets started too. :( Just when the weather was getting cooler!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mr. H!

Is your card exchange to be a year long event or Christmas exclusive? :D

Shelly said...

Oh, I've been seeing that fire on the news. You must live way on the west side. Turkeys' in the oven right now, were also watching football-Lions and Bears, oh my! Lol. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Gracie!

shirley flavell said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Gracie Hugs Shirley

Julie said...

I've been thinking of you Gracie, I hope your poorly knee held out at work Black Friday.