Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I forgot to show you-----

Yesterday when I shared my enjoyable Sunday outing I forgot to show you this...
my little papoose. Isn't he adorable! he is wrapped in soft white alpaca type fabric and adorned with feathers and strapped to him is a turquoise bear which is for the Native Americans is a symbol of strength and healing. This year I will decorate a Southwest tree and he will be right there front and center. I usually begin to set up Christmas around the first of December.  This year I feel eager to get it started......

I can not forget today is Veteran's Day...my dad was a very patriotic man and passed that on to me.
I pay tribute to him as well as all who have and are serving our country. Dad always gave us a poppy to wear and I still wear it proudly each November 11th. 
Yesterday was therapy day #1... and not too bad a session. Did you know that Physical Therapists now introduce themselves as "doctor"? They complete a doctorate program hence the title. Anyway, Alicia is my therapist. I have my assigned exercises to do at home and five more session with her. Although she is very nice, I did wince quite a lot. I will also be wearing a pull on type of knee brace especially for work. Oh, did I mention that Mr H planted my snap beans and someone ate two plants. To say that he  is a bit upset would be an under statement. I would not put it past him to install barbed wire! Right now there is netting around the plants.... not sure what I will find by the time I return from work today.... work... I am sure it will be a nut house at Jo Ann's. Think I better go relax because I have a feeling it will be a long 5 hours later. Whatever your plans are for today, I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for your kind wishes and words....and most of all for your friendship.


Sally said...

Hello Gracie

I love the little papoose and look forward to seeing your south west tree.
A lovely photo of your father, today is special in England too.
I do hope that no-one has eaten any more of Mr H's snap beans!
Have a good day x

butterfly said...

Hope your knee is feeling better.
Great photo of your father It's a special day here .

shirley flavell said...

We celebrate November 11th as well.Keep up with the physio exercises hopefully it will pay off Gracie (in a good way).Rotten sod whoever ate the snap beans. My husband would hide and try to catch the rotten little you know what:-)Have a good day hugs Shirley N.Z.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Oh, a SW tree...that little papoose will just be the thing to have the stage on it this year! :)
Your Daddy was handsome, without brave men like him, we wouldn't live in the land of the free!