Thursday, September 11, 2014

Another date etched in my mind

September 11, 2001....13th anniversary
We store those important dates in our minds. Some we would really not like to remember and then those that are so important that we must. They are important for many reasons, but nonetheless, we etch them to last forever. No matter where you were, no matter if you knew anyone there, it has become a date to record in our hearts as well as our minds. The struggle of peace will always be. We must always be strong and remember the lessons. Shoulder to shoulder and hearts embraced we are strong.


Vicki said...

Terrific post, Gracie.

Annie said...

Lovely post today Gracie. Sept 11th is the birthday of my nephew. He was only a toddler but I can remember him and the rest of us being struck dumb as we watched the terrible events unfold.
May we always remember the lives that where lost in the name of peace.

KimM said...

Beautiful post.

Kaisievic said...

Who can ever forget that so sad a day!

butterfly said...

I will never forget that day , I was looking after my mother and we were watching TV , and I could not believe what we were watching , it was live on TV .
It upset me for years .
Why do people hurt each other , where is the LOVE !

Julie said...

Like June, we saw it unfold on the TV here in the UK ...such sadness for the world.