Sunday, July 20, 2014

What a guy

Sometimes the plans you think you made are not what happens....Mr H was having a good health day so off we did go to The Attic....
Home with me came my kit for the Elizabethan Pincushion Doll. The hand-painted porcelian doll is beautiful. The chatelaine is really nice; I chose the silver plated ones, much less expensive than the sterling set. The silk threads and ribbons are so pretty and the cut of linen is generous. I can hardly wait to start this. Mr H was sitting waiting for me to pay and overheard the cost.... well part of it. As we sat having lunch a short time later, he asked if he heard right.... I answered yes...but he did not hear the total cost...but I just had to have her and that is why I dug into my special cash. He had to admit it was very pretty. The doll is imported from Italy by a gal who does each one by hand herself. I need a tissue to stop drooling over this! Now, back to some reality. I have a hummer at the feeder!
I must confess something to you. Now If I chose not to mention this, you really would not know, but I want to be open here...the colors for the hummer are incorrect by the direction. I looked at the wrong chart but after having stitched it and outlined it, I am going to leave it. It is not a big deal in the scheme of it all. This is what happens at 3 am! The piece itself is coming along nicely. There are 4 more hummers to do and now that I found the correct color chart, they will be stitched as directed. A little more of the garden  and finish the brick border, then the outlining and it will be finished.
I think my mind was someplace else yesterday, I wanted to post my journal on the date the travel took place...I was a date early yesterday. Shall I continue? I think I will. Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to visit. Have a good day and read on.

Arizona Bound
Wednesday July 21 2004 Day 2
Very little sleep last night. The trucks center part of the roof is an opaque material. Great for letting some light in during the day, but awful during a thunder and lightening storm. The rain did sound nice. Dennis slept but Sherlock who was terrified of thunder kept me awake trying to choke me by snuggling up under my chin all night. Zoe just kept pushing against my back. Last time sleeping in the truck! The day started early -- 7am. Pooches walked and I decided to go into the truck stop restaurant for a much need cup of coffee. Big mistake...I do not know what it was, but it certainly was not coffee.  I talked with a couple of truckers, the ones we parked between. They suggested that we do not drive so long and bed down before dark. Good advice, better than the coffee. Wagons ho...onto the drive through a wall of mist and fog. Hopefully we will all be talking to one another today. Dennis is now saying "never again"...huh?  Breakfast stop at 9 am. All fed and walked and off again. Seeing lots of farmland and rigs, lots of rigs and road construction. Of course this was not on my map. The driver has no patience. By 10:45 we arrived in Dubois PA. More walks and I really needed to stretch my legs. It was gas and snack time. These truck stops are a world unto themselves. Such characters you only see in the movies, or so I thought. Ohio at 1:10pm and time for lunch and tend to the passengers who were very eager to get out of the truck. For saftey reasons, they are wearing their harnesses at all times; license and ID on them. A large cattle truck pulled in beside us...loaded with very big dairy cows.... this upset Zoe. The pooches seemed more settled and I still was adding to my black and blues  getting a few more.  Dennis has no patience. I rememebered I had a small mirror in my purse. I could use it to check on the passengers without giving them total attention. They were playing me for the sucker. Every time I go back it was cookie time. All of a sudden it was 5pm and gas time I checked with the girl behind the counter about any motels where we could bed down with the pooches. She even called ahead for me to be sure. We have decided to stop early each day. We ere now in Gilead Ohio at Knights Inn. I requested a room with 2 full beds; one for Dennis and Zoe and one for me and Sherlock. I am determined to get this headache gone and get a good nights sleep. I am a lovely shade of purple here and there.My favorite color, but not on my body.  All fed and walked and ready to settle down. What?! Thunder and lightening and pouring rain! Okay Sherlock we can cuddle. This is going to be a restless night...again. Oh good, as soon as it started it stopped. Yes, there are Angels watching over us.
  Day three just has to be better. And Dennis is right... we re never doing this again.


Vickie said...

hahaha! I am enjoying your journal immensely.
Your stitching is coming along fantastic.
That doll! Wow, she is going to be great.

Cindy's Stitching said...

how pretty. Very different. I haven't seen anything like it.

Ele said...

Thank you for sharing your journal!
Well done on your shopping :)

Shelly said...

I'm envious of your trip to the Attic! I went there 2 years ago and thought I'd landed in heaven! Did Mr. H go in with you? Probably too hot to stay outside. My daughter sat outside in the car but that was in February! The doll is gorgeous and can't wait to see your progress on it. Enjoying the trip notes. I've never made a cross country move, just Calif. to here at age 9, so it was an adventure!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

What a beautiful doll kit, the colours are just lovely - so rich looking. It's good to treat yourself to something special from time to time.

stitchersanon said...

Wow, the Attic sounds a wonderful place...the doll is amazing!

cucki said...

Sweet stitching
I love your lovely journal so much..
Sweet hugs x

Heather S said...

Love your pincushion doll, she is just beautiful and I can't wait to see her finished.

Julie said...

She's very beautiful, a nice treat for you to enjoy making.

sally said...

Lovely stitching and the doll kit looks beautiful.
Have a good week.

Annette-California said...

YEA!!! You got your doll kit:)
Its beautiful Gracie and all those silk threads are gorgeous. Love the chatelaine too! Very pretty progress on Hummingbirds!
love Annette