Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I need a relaxing day...

I bet you are saying, but she only worked one day this week...but what a day it was. A steady flow of customers and we were only two at the counter. At times we had a third, but Lynette and I kept pretty busy. Customers were quite nice though which did help. I did look for the frame for Blueberries, but it did not look as I though so I did not get it. Thinking of something else now. Today will be interesting...Mr H has a doctor appointment at 8:15 am today...he is not an early riser. I will be sure to have an extra cup of coffee! I will take some stitching to do...but I do not have a "waiting room project" put together! I will have to gather one as soon as our visit is over. Oh you know the kind I mean. They are few supplies and easy to follow chart and very portable. I started an ornament Monday evening. What am I thinking! the verse is one over one and some specialty stitches... definitely not going with me today. Another hot day in the forecast. What can you expect when at this hour, #:30am it is 94; the temp for today will be around 110 and humidity is what it will be. That is the Monsoon.... from now until September... what we need is rain... sure saw lots of that on our journey traveling to Arizona. Thanks for the kind words and I am glad you are enjoying my journal. Hope you have a good day.

Arizona Bound
Saturday July 24 2004 Day 5
Morning... and the rain from last night stopped. What is with this rain? It has been on our tail since leaving Rhode Island. Every night thunder, lightening and rain. Sherlock is a basket case. Last night we did not have the thunder so Sherlock did not need to hide under the blanket. Each day before leaving the motel, I do a room check. Today it was Dennis who did  (or not) the room check and I got the passengers settle into the truck. He left the keys  in the room, forgot the 2 dog nylon chew bones and the gate. The clerk got him keys to get back in but he could only find one bone but we have the gate. Guess there will be only 1 bone in tonight's check in. They can chew on his socks. On our way. The sign says Amarillo Texas 242 miles. The map says Route 40 all the way into Arizona. Dairy cows everywhere. Who gathers them up at night? Dennis doesn't think I should be concerned which means he has no clue either. 9:10 am and the passengers need a walk, and it begins to drizzle. 10:30 am and we stop for gas. When I look at the gauge, it says half full. I ask why we are stopping and Dennis tells me he has been getting the gas each time it is half tank to be sure we have enough gas.
Why I ask, there are a million truck stops! He tells me to get in the truck.... " never going to do this again" he says. On our way again  and we are in Sayre Oklahoma...don't see that on my map, have not a clue. Cloudy now and the clouds seem to touch the ground. I feel as though I can touch them. Eerie. We finally reach Amarillo Texas and it is 1 pm and time for our half hour rest. Everyone does their thing. The passengers get excited because Dennis will join them and stretch out for a bit in the back. They want play, he wants rest and  I want to get there.  Dennis is feeling very tired today and his eyes are bothering him I did offer to drive and he went bonkers. Do I hear him right...never again... you could not pay me to do this drive again!  We are ready to start on our way and rain again. Is this going to be one of those days.Time for gas stop at 2:15 pm, you know, the gas gauge reads half. The passengers do not want to get out to walk in the rain. Which is okay with me. It is quite the project to get them wiped off after the walks. They of course still want a treat, but no walk. Crossing into Albuquerque New Mexico. Once again we gain an hour in our time.  I really do not feel like adding time, I just want to get there. Dennis says pretty soon...tired of him telling me that. It has been a long day already. Dennis thinks one more day...he is just telling me that to shut me up. Sherlock has been a troublesome kid all day. Keeps getting into everything, ripping open packages. He wants a cookie then Zoe wants a cookie, Dennis wants a drink and all I get are more bruises. Time to stop for the night at 6:45 pm We get take out.  Tonight it is a Super 8 Motel and of course it comes with rain, what else is new. I tell Dennis we should have traveled in an Ark.
We should have rented Noah instead of a Penske. He is not amused... no patience and that mumbling just has to stop! Ah, time to stretch out and hopefully the rain will stop and I can sleep.


Vickie said...

It is strange how you had so much rain.

butterfly said...

We are almost as hot today hear it feels well into the 90s to me very hot and sticky lawn is just starting to go yellow.
Send Mr H best wishes .

Julie said...

Hoping the news from the Dr apt was good news from his results.

~Narita said...

I so enjoyed reading your post :)
ty for leaving me one on mine blog and I'm sorry its so miserably hot where you are!!!!!!

sally said...

Hello Gracie

It's hot where I am too!
I hope Mr H's appt went well.
I enjoyed your post very much.