Friday, July 25, 2014

Slowing down....

I really do not like having too many things on my mind. Today I feel like just zipping my mind closed, at least for part of the day. Yesterday we hit a new hot day record...116 for the date...and it was hot hot hot. Even the shade was hot. We are still in heat advisory mode.... It was 113 in my garage yesterday! I haven't gone out to open the umbrellas as it was windy but I really should brave the heat and at least water the garden for Mr H. I have made progress on Hummingbird Garden and still thinking off a finish for Blueberries. I think I have it.... a bit more to think on. See, my mind is still unzipped! Today is a big day for the journal so I hope you are ready. Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to visit with me. Hope you have a grand day.

Arizona Bound
Sunday July 25 2004  Day 6
Another cloudy start this morning, cool and comfortable. The storm last night did not last too long. Hard to believe that we have had a storm every night since leaving Rhode Island. The pooches walked and I had my tea. I hope we do not have any rain today. We have been lucky to find nice motels all just off the highway and all allowing pets. A few did not even charge for the pooches .On the way again.... we are entering Indian Reservation territory. Vast open spaces. We see Elk crossing signs. Dennis is already with "I do not want to see any elk in the road". A little testy today! This does not seem to be a relaxing kind of day and none of us can get away form the other... the passengers are very territorial right now.  At 9 am we stop at a visitor center in Cibolla New Mexico. It is maintained by a Native American tribe and is beautiful. There is a small pond here and the frogs are in full sound today. I found a nice book about Route 66 and bought it. Gas and food and we sat outdoors with the pooches to eat. The pooches seem happy to be out. On our way again and Sherlock is into everything. Oh no!!!! Sherlock just ate 6 or so of his arthritis pills! Terrific, no what. Dennis is giving me a look like I gave them to him! No patience, wish I had a pill to give him. Sherlock has refused to take any of these pills since we left on this "vacation". Now I am going into the back constantly  so I can get a few more bumps check on what else he is doing. Zoe is looking very confused.... plastic and paper everywhere. Now we are on  "dog alert". If Dennis says, "he better be alright one more time" I will not be responsible for myself! So far Sherlock is too quiet. We have entered Navaho Nation territory. We seem to be making good time. At 11:30 am we stop at another truck stop. Each time we stop I have bought a thimble to add to my collection....just the touristy ones. Back on the road again. I can't believe it! it is 12:02 pm and we have entered Arizona, we gain another hour. We stop for gas in Holbrook and quickly get back on the road. We still have a long drive to get to Phoenix. Lots of cross winds today.  Lots of trains passing and I better not mention "I wonder where they are going" because, you know it, Dennis has no patience with me asking questions. It was just a matter of time for Sherlock to get sick. It is 1:55 pm and he vomited quite a bit. We need to stop so I can clean up and get out the Fabreeze to fumigate the back. I guess I was more upset than he is because he ate a cookie and went to sleep. Zoe is very upset by all this and she needs a cookie...."Calgon take me away...remember that commercial? Just crossed into Flagstaff Arizona at 2:15 pm. Another stop for Sherlock and the clean up again. When will be out of this truck?? We change to Route 17 and head straight for Phoenix now. Sherlock is sick again and Zoe is very upset. Hope this is not an hourly thing. Well, at least he is getting all those pills out of his stomach. What a wonderful sight....Phoenix City Limit sign. Although it is only 5:30 pm, we decide to stop right here at a Red Roof Inn for the night and call it a day. It seems that Sherlock is finally finished with the vomiting and now for the last clean up. I have been throwing out the sheets that he has soiled. I do not believe I have any for the bed tomorrow night! Not going to worry about that right now.  Solid ground is what we all need. Another thunder and lightening storm. Now really, this is too much. Tomorrow we will be in our new apartment.


cucki said...

Enjoy your weekend sweetie ..
Smile and go along with sweet life
Big hugs x

Vickie said...

I cannot believe the storms either!!
I was wondering what would happen with dear Sherlock.

Julie said...

What a day, your last one before arriving at your new home and starting a new chapter in your life.