Saturday, July 19, 2014

H H & PC

Hot Humid and Partly Cloudy....the weather this morning. They predict temps of 103 or so and some rain.  I just went out for a walk and now feel like a wet dishrag! I had thought about taking the drive --- 50 miles and 3/4 of an hour ---- to The Attic, but I think I will call and have them charge and send my items. I do not want to leave the air conditioning today. Oh I know, the car is air conditioned, but I still have to get up and go. Much rather sit comfortable and stitch and watch a movie with Mr H.  Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement for him. I am almost finished stitching Blueberries. and the Delphiniums are all planted and the fence posts are up in the Hummingbird Garden.  Today starts the real journey we took 10 years ago....hope you are enjoying the saga and will return to follow along. In the meantime, glad you stopped by and hope you have a wonderful day.

I am writing these excepts from my journal as I wrote them, as they happened then.
Arizona Bound
Tuesday July 20 2004
The day started early. We packed the very last of our possessions and did the final walk through the house and garden. I will miss this wonderful home. I gathered up the maps which would guide us across the states. We put the pooches in the truck and set up the gate... there would be only one driver and that will be Dennis without the help of the pooches. And it starts; Sherlock yelping because he is not in favor of this arrangement and Zoe looking very confused. Dennis has a look of what are we doing! By 12:30 we were finally on the road. A 15 foot Penske truck with a car carrier and the car loaded on it. "We should have sold the car: was the first thing out of Dennis' mouth and we only drove down the street! I think I have a headache. At 1:30 after an hour driving we stopped for lunch in North Stonington Connecticut. One of my favorite places. ( won't be back here for a while) Zoe refused to eat but could not wait to walk and did not want to get back in the truck, Sherlock ate but refused to walk. By the time we made it to Groton Connecticut, they both settled down a little, Dennis too. Dennis mumbled a lot and I did not dare ask what he was saying. We stopped at 3:30 for gas and the pooches were offered a walk which they accepted. Dennis was mumbling again. He really has no patience. I was beginning to think that this was not going to be easy. We had many miles to go. At this point no one was talking to anyone. Zoe and Sherlock remained as far from each other as possible, Dennis said I was not going to drive . What is he mumbling about? We entered Pennsylvania and there were signs for deer crossing the road. Dennis said he did not want to see any deer and they should stay off the road.  I have lost count as to the many times I  had to undo my set belt to go into the back to tend to the pooches who had not resumed their friendship. Dennis constantly needing another soda. I began to notice a bruise on my left thigh and if I bump my head once more we may be making an emergency room stop! Oh and my left shoulder was very bruised. Dennis could not understand why I had these bruises and said that I should really be more careful. Trying to maneuver through the small pass way while the truck was traveling 60 miles per hour just may have something to do with it. Did I mention Dennis has no patience. I think I have a headache. We entered the Pocono region. Beautiful scenery along the way. It was 7 pm and we were so tired and it was dark. We stopped at yet another truck stop, ( Pilot Travel Center, Drums PA) these were great places for us to stop for food and restroom and walks. We could go no further...too tired and it began to rain. We parked between two rigs and settled down for the night. Did you know that truckers have to take a number to use the showers? These truck stops have been quite the experience. Tomorrow will be interesting, I just know it. Dennis' last words before sleep "What are we doing?"
Day 2 tomorrow.


cucki said...

I love reading your journal..
Sweet hugs x

Vickie said...

Oh goodness! Makes me wonder if Dennis loves AZ nowadays? ;)

Julie said...

I'm so enjoying your journal entries, you do write so lovely

I'm way behind on blog reading tihis week, we've been having a made me think of you and your heat, I don't have A/C lol.

much love to you both x

butterfly said...

It is hot here to again today very sticky.
Have a good day.