Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just one of those days

There are days that are bright and sunny, and not just outside. There are days that are very productive even when you think they will not be. I have been awake and stitching since.... well, very early this morning.
All I have left is the back stitching on the leaves and the connecting vine..... I am glad that I am finishing this and look forward to getting it framed. As busy as I have been this morning, I have no ambition to do what needs to be done....  I have not yet opened the colors (the umbrellas) yet.... need to brew more hummingbird juice.... laundry is not going to wash itself..... no, I do not feel like doing any of it.
Found this lovely delicate bloom, it is one of the Guara flowers. Love it's shade of pink.
 I do want to continue on Clematis since it is so close to being finished. I am eager to start another project and I did receive my #3 Round Robin name. I should pull out some magazines to find the right stitch for Heather..... I always enjoy looking through my magazines... sometimes it is like I have not seen them before! I also should start planning my Christmas ornaments. For now, I will brew a cup of tea, pull out the magazines, and set up for stitching on Clematis. It has been so nice having you to chat with today....thank you for your kind words and friendship..... hope you have a wonderful day.


Julie said...

Clematis is looking very beautiful, go on Gracie ... sit and finish it....the chores can wait!

cucki said...

My dear it's looking so beautiful..sending you big stitchy hugs...
Kisses and hugs xxx

KimM said...

The Clematis is so pretty.

Heather S said...

WOW! Gracie, your stitching is gorgeous. I love it.

Annie said...

Lovely stitching! I agree with letting the chores wait a bit longer while you stitch:)