Saturday, June 21, 2014

Chainsaws and Palm trees

Today of course is the Summer Solstice and it happens to be the day our Palm trees are being trimmed.
It is always a busy morning for not only the men doing this task, but the birds who will be swarming all over the courtyard once the men leave looking for insects and seeds. This is a new crew this year as the other company has retired. These guys use chainsaws....
Now if you look carefully at the top of this picture you will see a chainsaw swinging out over the head of the guy on the nest tree...I do not think I would like to have this chainsaw swing out over my head!
Our community property has 19 Palm trees, 9 of them in my courtyard. The noise is quite loud at the moment.... even Mr H went out to look.

So, summer is officially on is it. You could have fooled me. Our Arizona temps have ranged from 100 to 114 already so as far as I am concerned we have already been into summer. While we are on this subject, I dyed a piece of mystery fabric with coffee this morning after I saw the design by The Primitive Hare...just have to stitch it. Fabric at the ready, pattern printed and now to gather the floss.... oh, I forgot, today is a work day. Well at least it will be ready for me for tomorrow. Wait, I have some time, so, maybe I can start it! Glad you came to see the tree trimming.... glad too that I count you as my friends.... have a great day.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I am enjoying these snapshots of your life in Arizona, so different to our's!

cucki said...

Beautiful xxx

Barb said...

Wow! I feel sick just looking at the height of those palms!!
Thank goodness you can pay some one else to do it!!!!!
Barb :)

simplestitches said...

gee it's a long way up those palm trees!

Julie said...

It's lovely to read about other parts of the globe, not sure I would like the chainsaw above my head either!